Book Review: Recovering from Addiction

As humans we are naturally interested in the stories of others, especially those stories that overcome adversity, like Esther Nagel’s story of recovering from alcoholism.

ESTHERHer book Bent Back into Shape, available from Amazon is raw and it is real… it is so honest that it is a page turner and easy to read.

The ex alcoholic writes about her past, and her transition into recovery and a new self with the help of yoga and the philosophy behind the ancient practice.

Her story is interweaved with tips and some knowledge of the more in-depth aspects of yoga, Esther admits she is still learning, and it is this humble and honest tone of writing that allows the reader to empathise with her as a relatable voice.

It could probably do with a re-edit/restructure in parts, but this is standard with self/independent-published books – butĀ if a publisher took this title on, it would be hugely popular. The book, which includes some extra blog post material at the end, is worth a read for certain

Good luck with the rest of your journey Esther and continue the good work of sharing your story for the greater good.

Find out more about Esther: HERE.

And you can see Esther talking about her experiences here:


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Esther nagle
7 years ago

Thank you so much for this review, which made me very proud to read! I am waiting for a revised edition of the book to go live, I have done quite a bit of editing on it since the original publication and am hoping to get it into print soon.

Many many thanks