A Course in Colour

College principal and lead colour therapy tutor, Debra Goldston explains the benefits of colour therapy

In Colour Therapy, full spectrum colour is used to help re-balance and energise the body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Rather than offering one particular approach, colour therapists utilise a wide variety of different techniques and applications to restore balance, and therefore health and wellbeing. Some examples of techniques include: coloured cloths or silks to cover the body, crystals, colour energised oils or waters, full-spectrum lights and coloured gells, colour breath work, as well as visualisations and art therapy.

Colour can have a profound effect on all levels, as working with different shades stimulates our natural healing processes. The brain perceives the visible wavelengths of light, as various colours and each colour wavelength vibrates at a particular frequency. Colour therapists are trained to know that sub-atomic particles in the cells of the body also have vibrational frequencies, and when these frequencies are disrupted, illness can result. Therefore, colour practitioners make use of colour wavelengths to correct imbalances and ‘re-attune’ the body’s vibrational energy in order to restore harmony.

Colour therapy is a gentle treatment suitable for everyone regardless of their age, condition, or life issue they are looking to improve. Extremely versatile and flexible in nature, it can be combined with all complementary therapies or, indeed, be offered as an entirely separate therapy. Some of the more common issues colour therapy may be able to assist range from stress and immune deficiency problems right through to insomnia and critical illness.

Our colour therapy courses can give you the skills and knowledge to help you start a brand new career, enhance your existing therapeutic skill-set, as well as improve your personal wellbeing, and develop your interest in colour therapy.

Most therapists will tell you that, whilst they love the work they already do and get great reward from being able to help a large number of their clients, there are still some instances when they just can’t make that crucial breakthrough. Colour therapy offers an apparently gentle and certainly very relaxing new healing modality, but with a powerful and profoundly effective kick. In simple terms, it really works! Requiring very little outlay beyond the initial training costs, it also offers a sensible new income stream opportunity. Preya Chauhan, of Cherish Healing, shares her thoughts, after graduating in the colour therapy course at Clear Intentions. “I treated myself to a colour course for my birthday and was totally taken aback by the insight and strength of this modality.  The teaching was a beautiful craft of information, practice and care, perfect for the way I learn.  I look forward to sharing colour work with my clients, and having this additional tool to help raise vibrations”

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