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Acknowledgement, Forgiveness, Love & Gratitude.

The Vanuatu people from the south pacific believe that secrecy is what gives power to the illness. When the error is confessed, it no longer has power over the person. They call this healing method Hoʻoponopono.Arch-Angel Michael came to me over a period of 2 years and taught me how to use the healing and restorative powers of Acknowledgement, Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude. It is very similar to Ho-oponopono but engages all of the senses when used in the ‘Angel Clearing Technique’ way. This is how it works.

The Power of Witnessing

Many layers of emotional trauma and grief, psychological disturbances and physical disharmonies are wrapped around our true essence like a cloak, hidding who we truely are. We can be like a child dressing up to get attention, or to fit into a confusing and unsafe environment.
When we fully and completely see these parts of ourselves, their hold over us is broken and a new choice is possible. The trouble is that there are often other people involved in the cause of the trauma, or the shadow mind is slippery and avoiding being seen.
When I see you, I fully see you, your shadows, your lost child, your buried essence and all your potential and golden uniqueness.
Witnessing activates the truth of you and dissolves the untruth of you; It’s that simple. 

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is The Master Key to all healing. Many people have a sour taste in their mouth at the mention of the word, recoiling in repulsion as it triggers insinuations of religiously indoctrinated guilt, sin and shame. Take heart, for in truth it is empowering and enlightening! Forgiveness is to release and give back what no longer serves you. The absolutely most powerful way of realeasing is to say “Please forgive me”, to yourself and to others. It means that through ignorance I have erred. I did not understand that my petty will, limited mind and human judgement have distorted the course of my Truth,
and now I am in pain. Please release this error, this pain, and relieve me of this burden I carry. To ask God, or the universe, or the angels is like asking a grown-up to lift the heavy baggage from your back. To ask another to forgive you is to undo the bonds or agreement between you that are out of harmony with your highest truth. To ask yourself “Please forgive me, me” is a petition to come back home to ‘rightness’, to clear what is unholy from us and causing us harm, and to relinquish all ties and baggage that weight us down. Forgiveness is granted where there is genuine honesty, humility and a will to release,
leaving you glowing with relief and empowerment.

I Love You

Truth feels ‘right’. It is the most right. It is our saving grace. Truth is what amends all broken deeds and realigns all souls with their Divinity. It is the law of creation that cannot be undone. Truth is LOVE; a force so strong that man cannot comprehend its magnifitude, and yet we are the very beings that have been created to experience this Truth at the most profound level in all of creation! It is also paradoxically our resistance to Love that makes it a worthy challenge.To say aloud the words “I LOVE YOU” is the key to our journey Home, because it opens the Heart. I love you spoken is the declaration of “I know the Truth, and I shall remind you”.  I love you is the salt that will wash the wound and the water that will wear away the rock. It melts all resistance. It is our Creative Source, the core Truth and our most fundamental need in life.

Thank You

Gratitude is the grease that perpetuates the flow of Truth. It is the completion of a cycle, the welcome home celebration, and the motive to propagate a new beginning. It is the ultimate acknowledgement of all that is True.
The power and gift of this acknowledgement is that, we get More of what we say “THANK YOU” for. 
Thank you literally expands and increases truthful perception and consciousness and clarity is gained with thank you.
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