Exclusive access to our Masterclass with Dr. Will Cole on the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent fasting is continuously gaining popularity not only with practitioners but also amongst the general public. Done the right way, it has multiple proven benefits, including metabolic regulation, lowered inflammation, and improved gut health. These benefits are largely mediated through the state of ketosis, discussed, like fasting, more and more frequently by the professional and the laymen alike. The optimal duration and frequency of fasts is a topic for debate and the key to success. How confident are you in giving recommendations to your clients? Should we be giving different advice to males and females? Should we be following any strict rules or should we perhaps fast intuitively? 

The Nutrition Collective presents Dr Will Cole to get these common questions answered along with your own specific questions and learn to support your clients with the right protocol for intermittent fasting.

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