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‘Are You Worth It’ Out Now – A Spiritual Guide to Managing Your Money Mindset for Business Owners.

Liz Almond – the Healer’s Healer and owner of insightful minds tells us of how her journey lead her to write and publish ‘Are you worth it’ A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset for business owners. 

Are you worth it 2I’ve been guided to write this book due to my own struggles with my self worth linked to my health, wealth and happiness.  Having recovered my health, I found myself in dire financial circumstances soon after starting my business due to a catalogue of personal tragedies as well as self worth issues.  Your personal life will impact your business and will affect your bottom line.  The book covers the mindfulness techniques I have used to think differently about my life and the problems I have encountered around depression and not feeling good enough to be the amazing therapist and coach that I am.  As a business owner you will experience many ups and downs and you need to have belief in yourself to allow the success you deserve and to create the life you desire.

In the book I share in depth knowledge about why your spiritual path is the key to you understanding yourself and where you are going to find true happiness and abundance.  I use my wealth of knowledge to show the reader how they can also change their life by using the techniques, so that they can see the richness in life and have a fulfilled and happy life without worrying what is in their bank account.  It is a transformational book and is intended to inspire many thousands of people to live from an abundant rather than scarcity mindset.

On a more serious note, By 2020, The World Health Organisation has announced that depression will be the 2nd biggest disability in the world and Macmillan Cancer say that 1 in 2 people will have cancer by this time too.  A perceived lack of money is a contributing factor. The techniques in the book will help transform your health and those you give it too which in turn will improve your wealth and happiness.

To purchase a signed copy, please download the Order Form for the Book (click here) and email it to me at

For more information or more about Liz and insightful minds please visit her website:


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