Bake Your Own Healthy Bars

There are many people out there who are fabulous at home baking… and then there are the likes of myself…

I got to feel like a master chef however with the Wyldsson original bar mix.

First it arrived, beautifully and expertly packaged… and by ‘it’- I am referring to the box of things I needed to feel like a baker, without actually being one…

The tray, the packet of mix, and a tub of nut butter, and all I needed to do was to add a couple of bananas and an egg. I had lots of eggs… and I was so excited that I had two ripe bananas waiting to be mixed up with this gorgeous ingredients.

I cannot stress how stress-free this whole process is… for a busy working mum, being able to make these healthy bars that my whole family enjoy is brilliant.


The instructions are beyond clear to follow, and the steps are simple… the mixture fits perfectly into the tray and the bars cook in the exact time suggested… I am serious, it is the first baking experience I’ve had that has gone to plan… and they taste great. What I really love, other than the health part, and the simplicity, is that this brand seems to think of everything, and it feels honest, as though they really care about you as the eater of their bars… they give extra suggestions for adding certain ingredients for example, and you can even use the empty resealable ‘mix’ bag as storage for your bars.

Check out more about the product and brand: WYLDSSON

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