Book Review: Navigating Life with Multiple Personality Disorder

Some stories are fascinating, and so far removed from your own experiences that they draw you in to a point of questioning aspects of human nature, the self-preservation capabilities of the human mind and more… and this is exactly what this book did for me… it is an intense account of dealing with multiple personality disorder written by Gloria Hass.

Her experiences of trauma are sad and shocking, but the book is written so concisely and clearly it isn’t as hard hitting as some real life accounts of abuse. Personality disorders deal with how humans communicate with themselves, and their relationship with aspects of themselves and their lives: the style of the book suits the subject matter, in that it is very much comprised of the conversations between Gloria and her therapist… it is so easy to read and very well written, a page turner with fascinating twists of seemingly everyday, but powerful conversation, talking the reader through the integration process of her many personalities and showing how she has come to a place of healing.

This really is a must-read, as it is an area often disregarded and misunderstood, and is by many labelled as simply ‘crazy’ for people to hear voices…

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