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How Can I Stay Motivated to Exercise Through the Winter?

Fitness enthusiasts make exercising look so easy. But deep down they know the kind of commitment that is necessary to push themselves. You’ll be surprised how much of inner drive it takes just to stick to a training schedule. When the colder months come around this becomes even more challenging. It’s actually easier to walk away and retreat into hibernation. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Here are some tips to help you beat those winter workout blues.

Be brave and relentless

Winter is actually brilliant for getting in shape. Even while sedentary, your body is already producing more energy in order to keep you warm. And while it also takes a little longer to warm up for a workout, all this extra exertion combined, both passive and active, helps you burn more calories. So why not throw yourself into the deep end. Once you get going you’ll swim like a dolphin. The cold also naturally allows for extra intensity regardless of the physical activity, which automatically translates to more results gained from the exercises you do.

Calibrate your goals for the seasons

It’s never too frequent to revisit goals and keep on reaffirming your desire for a stronger and fitter body. How badly do you want this? – A silent question that is invaluable for keeping you locked onto your desired outcomes. Look back at your journal and the very personal reasons you have listed for wanting to get into superb shape. Haven’t started writing down your goals yet? You should set a goal for each season of the year taking into account the particular challenges they bring. You can effectively turn these challenges into advantages which can boost your progress. Take an exercise that always feels intimidating, and tell yourself you’re going to get tough enough to do it with style.

Get a timetable going

A fixed schedule brings structure to your daily life and makes it so much easier to get all the important things done. Allocate everything including your sleep. You know what happens when you don’t get enough sleep on a given night – the entire day thereafter feels lost and fragmented. So make sure you get sufficient rest as well as reasonable time for recreation each day. Set fixed times for exercise routines so you can clock them in conveniently. Then add in your times for eating healthily and the necessary hours you need for work and stuff. In winter you know you have fewer hours in the day to play with so be sure you make them count.

You don’t have to go it alone

Hook up with a personal trainer you like or get a partner to join in your training. When you train alone you have no one to answer to except yourself. Which sometimes equates to either shortened routines, or when you’re just not up to it, abandoning your programme for the day. This can be easily avoided if you have a friend depending on you. It also means you’ll strive to be on time, and be more focused and mentally prepared for your training sessions. It certainly helps a great deal bringing a measure of accountability to your fitness. Also, you’ll find you are able to put in increased effort during exercising, by the mere fact that you now have someone looking over your shoulder. And you get to return the favour by motivating your training partner in the same way. Winter is the perfect time to get yourself a training buddy, and it means you’ll be more productive at a time when you would usually hide under the covers.

Article by Marc Dressen

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