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CPD 2016: Yoga Nidra Review

Last week HTM shared with the website readers that the Yoga Nidra Network has revised the online Foundation course, and as we are sharing as much CPD inspiration as possible in 2016 for all Holistic Professionals, we thought it would be a great opportunity to find out more about the practice of Yoga Nidra and how it can benefit you personally as well as in your profession.

So before you read any further know that you can actually do the first session of this enlightening course as a free taster… So if you’d like to do the one-hour session of the foundation for free then Click here after reading below.

What is Yoga Nidra?

“It is not solely a practice, nor is it just a technique…”

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep, however the practitioner is not asleep during practice as such, the body maybe in a complete state of relaxation, and asleep in a sense, and the mind is also in a stable state, but Yoga Nidra is more about a heightened state of effortless awareness. It is the same kind of balance of opposites that the popular Chinese Yin-Yang symbol depicts, or the term Hatha yoga describes (Ha and tha being like the sun and moon). Yoga Nidra is the experience of awakening at the same time as being completed at rest or ‘asleep’.

Who is the Course for?

The course is really for anybody interested in holistic living and wellbeing. It would be beneficial to enrol in this course if you are already a practitioner working with clients that would like to learn how to meditate, or reach a state of calm, those who would like balance in their lives, or want to focus their creativity, or those who would benefit from the space and time that Nidra practice offers, so that they can deal with situations with more clarity, and for your clients who need or just want some ‘time out’ from their lives in general.

Why is the Course good?

The course has a lot of room for self discovery and reflection.

This course is a fantastic example of offering everything a student requires to learn about a new subject. It caters for all learning strengths and styles; with videos, text, audio for practical sessions and references for further reading. Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli have a great synergy on the videos and their whole approach clearly comes from years of practice and subject knowledge. The videos are relaxed and informative and quite intimate, so you feel almost as if you are in the same room… so a fantastic learning tool.

The course is made up of fourteen one-hour sessions, and each one of these sessions is split into reading time, and video time and practice time, and the student can choose to do further reading or practice too. Session one provides a great background and description of what the course offers and what Yoga Nidra is all about, and then the following sessions build up from there, referring back to other sessions too.

There is a huge amount of material on the subject of Yoga Nidra, and the best thing about this course, which reinforces the teachers’ sincerity for the students to learn, is that it offers information on other schools of thought, not just the philosophy behind their preferred Yoga Nidra. They basically provide everything they know about the subject with pros and cons of each style, but in an objective way, although they are clear about which style they practice and prefer to teach. Uma and Nirlipta are also open to the hypnotic nature and meditative nature of Nidra, unlike some other Nidra course providers who shy away from these associations.

This course provides safety advice for practice too, along with parting with insightful knowledge, and so it is a great foundation for further study.

Where can you go once you complete the Online Yoga Nidra Foundation Course with the Yoga Nidra Network?

Well during your personal Nidra practice you can literally travel anywhere in the realms of what is deemed bigger than the body and mind… but all of that spiritual stuff is yours to journey upon as and when you are ready. With regards to where you can go professionally after completing this course… well, you have a couple of options, you can keep it as a personal tool for your own practice as a method of switching off after working with the demands of clients, especially if you offer modalities that work with depression or people’s personal and emotional problems. Yoga Nidra can assist you in ‘switching off’ and having a defined moment in your day that allows you to reflect, and the separation space and time from your work and the energy of others.

If you work in massage, meditation, NLP, Mind Detox, Yoga, counselling, hypnosis, or any other similar modality, then this is a fab add on for your services… you can even do the follow up course on teacher training.

Overall great course!

Check out more on their website:

Remember click here for free taster session.

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