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Crystal Healing Workshop 8th August 2016 with Carole Preen of Complementary Health Professionals

carole CHPOn Monday 8th August 2016, Carole Preen of Complementary Health Professionals is running an Introduction to Crystal Healing workshop in London. This is a prelude to their new Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma that leads to professional practice, which is being launched at CAM Expo in September ready for a January 2017 start.

The workshop has several aims; to test out the therapy before you decide to commit to the diploma, to give body workers some additional skills of using clear quartz crystals in their treatments and to give you skills of connecting to the energies of crystals to enhance your own energies and that of your treatment room.

Quartz vibrational energy is constant, which is why it is used in timepieces to regulate the time, albeit manufactured silicon for perfection. Everything is energy and we are all floating in a sea of energy, due to both internal and external forces this energy can get stuck. Quartz crystals can be used to move stagnant energy and this in turn has an amazing ability to clear the energy field and help the body return to health. Don’t worry if you have never work with the Human Energy Field before as the tutor will take you through how to feel and connect with it. You will be working in pairs and giving each other lots of feedback throughout the day to help you gain confidence.

You will be working with high quality clear quartz crystals and as a special gift from Complementary Health Professionals, you will get to keep two of the crystals that you will be working with on the day so that you can continue practising at home. There will also be an opportunity to buy some additional high quality quartz from Brazil at discounted prices should you choose.

Quartz crystal is used a great deal in crystal healing therapy and so this is the perfect introduction for everyone. It can also be used in so many ways around the home and in your therapy room to enhance your treatments. Carole will go over how to cleanse and charge your quartz crystals, as they absorb energy and need to be cleansed before being used again, so that they can continue to work well for you. The workshop will end with a special crystal guided meditation that will help you connect with your higher self as well as the higher energies within the crystal you choose to meditate with. This will also help with your treatments as you learn to connect to universal energies and learn techniques to ground and protect yourself.

logo CHPPlaces are limited so go onto the website at www.complementaryhealthprofessionals.co.uk and book your place online today. The venue will be announced shortly once numbers are confirmed as they have several central London venues that they use for their courses.

If you have any queries please contact Carole via enquiries@complementaryhealthprofessionals.co.uk or telephone 0333 577 3340.


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