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Crystals For A Heavenly Work Space.

So many people have asked me what are good Crystals for their office environment.
This highlights the need to have a harmonious work space, after all we are there for 8 hours a day and want to feel the best we can, to be motivated, happy and protected.

This sometimes can be difficult with lots of differing personalities, agendas, office politics, jealousy, anger etc. Even in the best of surroundings there can always be room for improvement. I call my crystals office workers and they are part of the peace keeping team.

I personally carry Amethyst most of the time. It is powerfully protective against others’ negativity or draining personalities and also EMF’s from computers. I suggest having it on your person, as Amethyst¬†imparts a wonderful feeling of peace, helping one to think clearly and calmly in planning/team situations. It also helps alleviate anxiety and stress.

Black Tourmaline is another extremely protective stone, it’s grounding properties are amazing ensuring that you are fully connected to what you are doing in the “here and now”.

Tourmaline helps me to keep grounded in times of stress when tensions could be high around me.

For those whose self esteem could do with a little boost , especially around the work place where there could be dominant personalities, Hematite is the one for you. Hematite was traditionally used by warriors for strength in battle. Now I don’t suggest you get out your swords at dawn but carrying your Hematite will help you stand your ground and hold on to your self-worth.

I adore Smoky Quartz and its ability to absorb negative energies from the environment and your aura.

Take a look at Turquoise, this mysterious stone will help with communicating what you need to communicate with enthusiasm and clarity. Turquoise is best worn as a pendant on a necklace so that it is close to the throat chakra.

Amazonite teamed with Blue lace agate gives you the courage to say what needs to be said , for instance asking for a promotion or increase in salary in a gentle way .

Carnelian is the “energy booster “, I always say it gives me wings when I carry it. Motivation, drive and confidence are all words that spring to mind with Carnelian.

You can pop these stones in your pocket or wear as a pendant. Even use larger stones as paper weights. There are plenty of other stones to protect and energize your work space and are very effective.

I hope going back to the office with your crystal workers will truly enhance your working life.

If you would like to find out more on Crystals and how to use them or simply connect with us, you can find us at www.crystalcupslifestyle.com

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