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Holistic Therapist Magazine. The Magazine for Holistic Professionals.

Holistic Therapist Magazine is a popular magazine designed specifically for Practising Holistic Therapists & Holistic Therapy Students.  We are the first UK magazine to cater for professional therapists who wish to keep up with industry news as well as develop their business skills in a competitive industry.

We plan our magazine content with Holistic Therapists themselves, asking what it is they wish to know about, learn and read about. Working closely with a range of industry and business leaders, Holistic Therapist Magazine is now the magazine of choice for Holistic Professionals.

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Holistic Business Awards


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Issue 18 Preview

Editor’s Letter

Sometimes we feel like Goldilocks – life is too hard; we have too much to do, too much to cope with, too many things piling up, to do lists a mile long. Unforeseen changes make our lives more difficult. At other times, life is too soft, too easy, too slow and relaxed, we lack challenge, just drifting along, under performing and not really in control of our lives or businesses. Like Goldilocks, if we want to be happy, we need to find something that’s “just right”. We need to find our balance.

When you work for yourself and have the demands of your business and personal life to juggle, it’s not always easy to strike a balance between family, friends, business, relationships, career, time and money. Fortunately, you’ll find a host of ideas and features in this issue to help you find your perfect balance… [Read More]

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