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Do you get your eight hours?

With World Sleep Day on March 18th, it is the perfect reminder that we need to get good quality sleep so that as Holistic professionals we can provide our clients with the best customer service, and treatment quality as possible.

It is also important to encourage your clients to get a good night of sleep, especially before and after any treatments, as it helps to facilitate further healing and relaxation.

HTM caught up with the experts at Holistic Silk and they told us exactly why we need our beauty sleep:

“A full eight hours are paramount to wellbeing with the following areas seeing a real improvement, and it’s not just about beauty – good sleep boosts metabolism, improves concentration, and memory, lifts the mood, enhances your complexion, improves emotional and mental ability, reduces stress, increases lifespan, and boosts immunity… we recommend our lavender filled eye mask, as this blocks out light, and the scent of lavender lowers heart rate and blood pressure, ensuring relaxation, and the lavender scented candle is also effective for a relaxing bath or evening meditation… perhaps to use during the treatments for your clients”

Have a relaxing World Sleep Day 2016




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