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What do I mean my emotional freedom? Getting rid of all that rubbish you have been carting around with you since the day you were born.

Some of us don’t even know we still have it attached to us, some of us realise but choose to ignore it, and some of us try to pick out bits of it and work on those, but what Is it?
It’s the patterns of negative behaviours that we find we continually repeat in our life:

  •   Attracting the wrong people into our lives
  •   Manipulative partners, the needy friends who suck all your energy,jealous friends who don’t have your         back.
  •   Bad eating habits
  •   The need to fix someone other than ourselves
  •   Over spending, and carelessness with money
  •   Generally, where you over or under compensating on different areas oflife.
  • What happens when your living your life in this way is that it manifests as a physical ailment in the body. I see this in my reflexology practice. People who are suffering with stress are complaining of back problems, headaches, tiredness. People who hold their emotions in have congestion in the chest reflex’s because they literally need to get something off their chest. Those who don’t say what they want have sore throats, those with depression again have congested chest reflex because it’s protecting the heart, and their heart isn’t happy, I find the head reflex to be inflamed and the adrenal glands are tight. This is the body’s way of protecting its self but in doing so is making you feel ill.If you peel away the layers when you start to trying to analyse these different areas you would probably end up going way back into your childhood, where feelings of abandonment, and not feeling nurtured and good enough arise. You may be able to pinpoint the times or just have a feeling that it’s there and from these feelings of not being good enough, not trying hard enough comes the negative personality traits of low self-esteem, not enough self-worth, and not enough self-love. When we are lacking in these areas that’s when the patterns of negative behaviours start and you end up going around in circles in your life waiting for something to change, some external force that will make the love of your life turn up, you’ll lose weight, and you’ll walk into the job you

have always wanted, and have all the money you need saved in your bank account.
But none of that will be given to you from someone else, that all comes from within you. You have the power to change your mind set, to create a new loving and fulfilled life for yourself and it comes down to one thing. Self- forgiveness.

To move on and make changes in your life you need to let go. You need to let go of the beliefs that have held you back, and have belief in yourself that the goals that you want to achieve are achievable and that you have the strength to do it. Forgiving yourself is the first step in doing this. Forgive yourself for any situation in your past that you found yourself in, that wasn’t positive to your life then. By going back and releasing it, you are releasing the energetic link it’s had on you. One of the ways to do this by using reiki. It’s a very gentle energy healing method. It releases energetic blockages and patterns of behaviour and replaces with positive, healing, loving energy. I find this can be incredibly powerful for my clients. They can physically feel the release happening, and it may be something small, or something that played a bigger part in your life, but either way it’s something that your body has held on to.

When you start to forgive your-self and release negative energetic blockages be prepared for some major shifts in your life to happen, it may be a subtle change or it could be something ground breaking, either way whatever happens trust that it’s for the greater and for you to move on. Life doesn’t throw anything at us that we can’t handle, it’s our mind set and how we go about dealing with it that defines the effect it has on us.

You’ll know when you are ready to make a change when you find yourself drawn to a therapist, or therapy, or start exploring ways to work on yourself. I started through meditation a number of years ago, and it’s taken me on a journey of self-discovery mainly through my reiki training and ultimately, it’s given me the tools to change my career and start my own complementary therapy company, and help to heal others using reflexology and reiki.

Lorraine Adams is the owner of Toe to soul therapy; reflexologist and reiki master based in Twickenham, London. She specialises in Pregnancy reflexology and Women’s health issues. She’s a member of the Association of Reflexologists and CNHC.


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