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Emotions Matter And So Do You.


A Journey into Healing The Emotions Using Tools For Transformation By Lucy Batham -Read from Loveursoul

I Spent much of my life suppressing my emotions as I did not want to make others feel any worse than they already did. In part because there was a lot of trauma in my life but also because as I was always told there is always someone worse of than you and always be grateful for how lucky you are. You see I am highly sensitive not in an emotional way but in an empath kind of way. I feel other peoples ‘stuff’ and quite often I would take on their feeling’s so that they did not have to. I wanted to make things better for them. Eventually it made me ill and after a while I became really ill and it was difficult to tell what was my stuff and what was others.
My journey of unravelling took about 10 years, it was painful, difficult and full of stops and starts but a the end of it not only could I tell what was my stuff and what was someone else’s but I also no longer had the phsyical symptoms of suppressing my emotions such as asthma, eczema, IBS, and anxiety. I was also able to manage my fibromyalgia and lifes stresses with ease. You see my body’s answer to me suppressing everything was to develop auto-immune ‘dis-eases’ and eventually I went into adrenal fatigue. I consider myself lucky,I could have kept going and it could have been much worse. I am eternally grateful for my journey and all its lessons.
During my journey I found many things and people to help me and even when I did not feel safe enough to communicate how I was feeling I slowly found ways to let the corsitol out of my body.
As a result of this part of my journey I started collecting things I thought would help others through particular points in their lives too. Be that Trauma, Birth, Insomnia or simply learning to love and accept ourselves just like I had to because all I had to learn was to choose love over fear. Simple but not always as easy to do.
As a result of what I was learning LoveurSoul was born and it was my way of leaving a trail of light for others along there own journeys as I am incredibly grateful for my lessons and acutely aware no two story’s are the same, no matter what others tell you. Yes be grateful for what you do have but allow yourself to feel your ‘stuff’ too. It is the quickest way to heal and move on.
One such product range I am incredibly proud of are the 10 Wellbeing boxes created to help others begin their own journeys to self love and acceptance. I am very passionate about the need to allow others to find their own lights because no two journeys are the same but equally so we all need a helping hand. Often it is simply a question of knowing where to look and feeling safe enough to be heard and valued.
Our boxes are designed to open your heart and mind, they are there to guide you and more importantly they are there to show you you are valid, important and worth it. We trust you might know someone else who needs to hear how much they are loved to.
To find out more about the boxes go to and to find out more about Lucy and her work to help others find the essence within you can contact her on 07803 931027

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