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Energy Clearing For Living & Workspaces

Energy Clearing For Living & Workspaces – Louise Smart at Emotional Detox

Louise Smart from Emotional-detox.com shares some tips on clearing negative energy from your workspace and home. Visit Louise’s site for supporting information on how energy clearing works here: http://www.emotional-detox.com/energy-clearing

How are you today? If you are not feeling on form it might be down to something other than a straightforward health issue. It is possible that over time, energies in your home or property have changed and are affecting you or your family’s life negatively. You could be feeling uneasy in your home or simply that too many things are going wrong which might include not being able to sell your house or you or family members are often unwell or relationships, business or finances have become strained.

Just like the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body (more about this in the next post) your home has its own energy field too, that flows through the walls, fixtures, fittings and all the material contents. The energy field can become toxic because it is affected negatively by electrical equipment, computers, pollution, clutter and particularly the feelings and intentions of people who live there both now and from the past. People who lived on the land before the house was built also affect the property’s energy field today as do other buildings, electrical currents, geopathic stress and landscape in proximity. Negative emanations from a nearby cemetery, hospital or slaughterhouse can affect the vitality and harmony of a home and occupants.

When the flow of natural, pure and positive energy in a home becomes blocked or slowed down by lower energy vibrations from environmental toxicity or peoples’ fear, grief, anger, hatred, guilt, conflict and violence- a good house clearing can make a real difference.

Ways To Clear Energy In Your Home Or Workspace

Here are some very effective ways to cleanse and revitalise your home or workspace using recommended products:

* First ensure you protect your own energy field before clearing your home. Alaskan Guardian Essence is perfect for this- spray it all around and above you.

Regularly open all the doors and windows and let the fresh air circulate which will help to free up blocked energy.

Give your place a thorough spring clean, paying particular attention to corners in rooms where stagnant energy accumulates. But only use gentle, natural cleaning products that are kind to the environment. Kindness is love – it is the highest vibration that all homes, humans and animals need for harmony and vitality. Ecover All Purpose Cleaner and Floor Soap are perfect for your hard surfaces and floors and Ecover Washing Powder for all washable soft furnishings like curtains and covers. It’s a big job, but worth the effort.

 Place a small handful of Sea Salt in corners of all rooms to absorb impurities. Leave overnight and vacuum up after 24 hours. Empty the vacuum straight away and bury or burn the old salt. Do this as often as once a month on an ongoing basis.

Get rid of clutter, tidy up and rearrange furniture to get energy moving. Remove anything beneath beds because where you sleep needs to be clean and serene for your body to properly regenerate overnight.

If energy feels heavy, oppressive or unfriendly, especially after an upset or argument, go round every room with a lighted sage or cedar Smudge Stick.

If you are a health practitioner, smudge your treatment room daily and always after your last client to keep the room welcoming and uplifting.

Essence sprays are a quick and convenient way to transform a stagnant or disharmonious atmosphere. Essences are portable and very handy for clearing the energy in treatment rooms between clients. Alaskan Essences are a really lovely way to initiate you- try their gorgeous smelling Guardian Essence, Purification Essence and Calling All Angels Essence.

Burning Aromatherapy Candles and Incense Sticks will purify an atmosphere, bring warmth and calmness to a room and fill the space with comforting aromas. Make a habit of lighting candles or incense in the rooms you spend most time in.

 For longer term and repeat energy clearing purposes use the Rio Vaporiser with 3 drops of your favourite essential oils. If you have never tried essential oils, you won’t be disappointed using lavender or rosemary for a distinctly cleansing and uplifting effect.

Play soothing music and leave it on “repeat” when you leave the house to sustain harmonious energies after clearing.

Place clear quartz crystals, healthy vibrant plants and fresh flowers in all rooms to maximise vitality.

Do what feels right. Do what inspires you to create more joy, harmony and beauty in your surroundings. You can’t go wrong by experimenting or combining any of these recommendations.

After energy clearing you will need to clear yourself. The next post will cover personal energy clearing in detail. Immersing your entire body including your head in a Sea Salt bath is a fail-safe measure. Dissolve one cup of Sea Salt in your bath water. Spraying Alaskan Purification Essence all around you is ideal until it is convenient to take a salt bath.

When To Clear Energy

After any argument or conflict situation to transform residual negative emotional energies. Use bells, clapping or a smudge stick as soon as you can. Then burn candles or incense until the room feels calm.

After disappointments, learning of painful or bad news, negative experiences or difficult guests.

After a robbery, you will need to do a  thorough cleanse everywhere to get rid of negative energy left from the thief as well as your sense of being invaded and the inevitable distress, anger, hurt, fear and shock. Take time to calm yourself first. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy drops or mouth spray or gum will help you get through the unpleasantness of it all.

After any disruptive building or repair work.

You are experiencing disturbed sleep and waking unrefreshed

If you feel tired and drained or lethargic a lot of the time – change the energy in your home to clear the way for opportunity and inspiration.

If you have just moved somewhere new and you feel unsettled.

If you are having trouble selling your home or business.

You feel stuck and feel you can’t move forward.

Recovering from illness or injury takes lots of positive energy. Clearing will support the process and help keep you buoyant.

 Whatever you do to clear energy, do it with the intention of extending love, peace and harmony. NEVER ever underestimate how powerful your love is to transform negative energy.


Professional Energy Clearing

You may need a professional energy clearing – especially if you are experiencing persistent or recurring problems, or a string of setbacks. Geopathic stress, blockages or underground disturbances in or near your home, business or property can cause problems, in which case the skills of a professional can be really helpful.

Visit  http://www.emotional-detox.com/energy-clearing or call me – Louise Smart on  07973 780 852 to find our how I can help and for more information on my clearing options.

What happens in Energy Clearing

Energy clearing is done remotely, making it accessible and convenient wherever you are. It works without any need for me to visit your home or property. Why not take a look at testimonies on the Energy Clearing web link  above. It is very easy to schedule a clearing – just call or email and make your request and give a brief summary of the problem as you understand it. You simply carry on life as usual and I will distance dowse to check vitality levels, congestion areas, research the root cause and clear the negative energy. I will let you know as soon as the energy has been cleared and provide any relevant advice.

Editorial post by Louise Smart

Director of Emotional Detox


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