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Falling for a Miracle…

Case Study: How Jane Bromley walked and skied again, after a disastrous fall.

A Simple Fall: In Feb 2012, I had a catastrophic fall. The resulting sciatica left me hardly able to walk. I literally lost all power in my right leg and was in horrible pain.

I was on a skiing trip and took off my skis to walk down three steps. I simply slipped, landing on my bottom. When my friend asked, “Are you okay?” I knew I had damaged something badly. I tried to carry on, but the pain down my right leg was so bad it scared the living daylights out of me. Then I noticed I had pain down both legs and burst into tears. Just how badly had I injured my back?

I made it back to England, but could not walk for more than five minutes. How on earth would I work? All the sports that I love just seemed a distant memory. What a nightmare!

Wonderful Breakthrough: A few weeks later, a friend of mine told me how Sally Tyler, a stunningly good therapist in Bournemouth, had fixed her back after years of pain. I knew I had to give it a go. So still in agony; I squeezed into my car for the one-hour drive to Sally’s.

Little by little she made me well again. I suspect I had a prolapsed disc, but slowly it got better. I have no idea how. Two months later I could actually walk at a reasonable speed for about two miles. By late summer I was even horse riding again. (Yes I know. I am mad!)

My Christmas Wish: Then Christmas came. “Sally – I so want to go skiing.” She saw the wistfulness in my eyes and worked even harder to help me. It was touch and go, but, in March, I paid for a trip, and managed to go skiing. Mind blowing. I loved it!

Thanks to Sally I am able, not just to walk, but to ski again!

Sally’s Details: If you have a bad back, then why don’t you see if she can help you too? Email or call 01202 741 391

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