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Fancy a Freebie?

Let’s face it – who doesn’t love a freebie!? Working hard to earn something that you’ve wanted for ages, whether it be for use in the professional environment or in your personal life, is an extremely rewarding feeling. That being said, there’s not many things nicer than being given something thanks to a gesture of good will from a friend, colleague, or family member. Taking any materialism out of the equation for a second, receiving something for nothing generates positive mental signals that shine through in your demeanour for the hours, and even days, that follow. The chances are that with these positive vibes, you’ll be touching other people’s lives without even knowing it, allowing positivity to generate all around you all thanks to that one moment of gratitude that resulted from your gift. Materialistically speaking or otherwise, freebies rock – so what if we let you in on a secret that would allow you to get free stuff EVERY DAY? You’d call us crazy, would you not?

It turns out that there is a website dedicated to giving free stuff to people like us, with absolutely no catches or hidden agendas. Latest Free Stuff provides an online marketplace entirely dedicated to providing members of the general public with fantastic freebies; pet food, nappies, socks, organic children’s snacks, fragrance, gym memberships – the list goes on…

But why? As it turns out, giving away free stuff is a powerful marketing strategy used by a large number of companies – it generates exposure and interest in a product for a fraction of the cost of a national advertising campaign. There are 1000s of companies in the UK giving away FREE samples of their products on the internet – and the team at Latest Free Stuff spend all day searching high and low for the very best offers, before adding new products to their website on a daily basis. All of their offers are genuine and from reputable companies, and they promise never to pass on your details to third parties.

What I liked most about Latest Free Stuff is how every offer they have is of genuine use to a wide range of people – even us therapists! After spending just 10 minutes in total on the site, I managed to bag myself:

These were just the ones that first stood out to me; there are plenty of options to suit everyone. Best of all, the system is completely user friendly – rather than spend your time trawling through countless deals, simply follow Latest Free Stuff on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date with the latest offers. You can also join their mailing list (like I have!) to receive details of their very best offers every day.

We’re so pleased to have come across Latest Free Stuff, and we’re hoping that by spreading the word, more people in our close knit community can benefit from getting something for nothing. Hopefully the karma will spread and with the money we save, we’ll be able to treat our friends and family as well as ourselves. Check them out at – happy freebie hunting!

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