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Flyers that will FLOP!

MISTAKES THAT WILL MAKE YOUR FLYER MARKETING CAMPAIGN A FLOP… Contrary to the popular image of flyer printing being a poor quality alternative to a ‘proper marketing campaign’, it can actually bring you hugely positive results.

Think about it: everyone’s talking about how digital marketing is the way to go these days, but how many social media posts or emails from random companies do you even take the time to read? But if a flyer drops through your door, you’ll need to at least pick it up, and you’ll almost certainly read it.

You can imagine, then, just what a massive impact high quality flyers can have on your business’s prospects. However, all too many firms are left with the false impression that flyer marketing doesn’t work, after they make any of the following mistakes…

Typos: If you pick up a flyer with a glaringly obvious misspelling, how likely are you to even take seriously what the rest of the flyer says? Chances are that your trust in the company as a professional operation will be damaged.

Just one sloppy spelling or grammatical mistake gives your target customer an easy reason to bin the flyer… so, don’t skimp on the proof-reading.

Poor quality images: It’s the classic error… you’ve found the perfect picture for your flyer, only to blow it up to fit the flyer and be confronted with a disappointingly grainy image.

Again, this type of mistake doesn’t reflect well on your company, giving the impression that yours is an unprofessional bedroom-based operation rather than the major industry force that you aspire to be.

Difficult to read text: You might have a lot to say on your flyer, but being informative matters little if the text size is too small, or if the font and background colours don’t complement each other well. Readability simply must be the biggest priority as far as the text on your flyer is concerned.

Shoddy quality: All aspects of a flyer make a big difference to how it – and, by extension, your company – are perceived. An amateur-looking design or roughly-cut flyer suggests a rush-job, something that a truly leading company would simply never be guilty of.

This only gives you all the more reason to use the printing services of a professional company specialising in high quality flyers, like Indeed, we give you thousands of editable flyer designs to choose from, and our services are affordable – not just high in quality.

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