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Holistic Therapist Magazine offers ‘Free business skills workshop in Kent’ for those who really need it.




My name is Jayson, I am the managing director of Holistic Therapist Magazine.

I have a calling to hold a FREE WORKSHOP in KENT for  those small companies and therapists in our industry who need help with sales skills, confidence building, mastering rapport, and how to manage the dangerous world of advertising.

Many just want to do what they love and shun away from these vital skill sets which are often viewed as a headache. Everyday someone is telling me how they struggle with these skill sets, so I am willing to do a FREE WORKSHOP to help those that really need it if I get enough uptake.

Once you realise how easy it is… will learn to love it.

Who would like this?

I will only offer this free once, and I am doing this because there are many in our industry who do not have a budget for training as they are starting out or struggling to grow, I want everyone to have the help they deserve regardless of their financial situations.

Hear are some of the skills I would like to cover that are so important for any self-employed person, be it a therapist, brand owner, or service. Without sales skills, there is no business! Standard…


  • How to research competition
  • Pitch, tone and speed during a call
  • Building rapport over the phone
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Buying signals
  • Subconscious hints
  • How to gain phone confidence
  • When to close the deal and when to back off
  • How to deal the the infamous “difficult gatekeeper”


  • Mirroring for rapport/commonality
  • Body language
  • Eye contact and the misconceptions
  • Personal space and touching
  • Pitch, tone and speed
  • Listening skills
  • Appearance
  • Hygiene
  • Subconscious hints


  • Why we advertise
  • What types of advertising are out there
  • How we monitor advertising
  • How to know where to look for advertising/who to contact
  • How not to get dropped off by cold calls (the signs)
  • How to negotiate the best rate (industry secrets)
  • How to get that elusive editorial
  • Advert positioning
  • How to get an advert designed, resized and which formats to use
  • What to put on the advert
  • Market and competitor research with hints and tricks

I need to know numbers before I commit, so please email me on: or call me 01795 479 957 for any questions or other training options.

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