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From one extreme to the other

A Typical case from my Homeopathic Practice.
A Mother brought her 15 month old baby girl in to see me because of the ‘barking’ cough she had on and off from the age of 3 months. She was ‘off colour’ whining and clingy, only sleeping about two hours at a time then waking up coughing and angry. She had had a few courses of antibiotics with little or no effect.
In Homeopathy we want to know more about the symptoms in order to find the exact homeopathic medicine that will restore the baby to a balanced state of health, e.g. how the baby has changed from her normal state and what makes the symptoms better or worse. So I asked the Mother to explain a little more…
She told me that her baby had a history of high fevers and especially now during this bout of illness she can become very hot, she becomes very angry particularly when she cannot get her own way which brings on a bout of coughing. After the coughing fit the baby usually becomes very sleepy and her face which at present is usually bright red (especially her cheeks) goes very pale. When she has temper tantrums she can bite, either herself, other babies or even the Mother. She can push the Mother away, pull her hair and generally will not tolerate any interference. During the consultation I noticed that the baby would want to be on the Mother’s lap one minute then want to be on the floor playing with toys. One minute wanting cuddles then the next minute pushing away. Mother said she was like an Angel when she was well but a Devil when she was poorly. She had become very fearful of late especially for loud noises like the vacuum cleaner or raised voices, she had also developed a fear of dogs.
Taking everything into consideration I prescribed one dose of the homeopathic medicine Belladonna in a 30c potency and asked the Mother to contact me in a few days time.
The Mother rang to tell me that on the same day the remedy had been given, her baby had developed a slight fever but slept well throughout the night, the following day she had perked up, smiling a lot but still a little clingy. After two days she noticed that her whole mood seemed to have changed for the better with less and less episodes of violence, anger and temper tantrums. Her cough became looser and less ‘barking’.
I saw Mother and baby for a proper follow up appointment after one month where the Mother reported that baby was very well in every way and said to me “Thank you so much for giving me my baby back”
This case is just one of many Children’s and babies cases I see every day. All are individuals presenting with different problems from, bed wetting and night terrors to colic and respiratory conditions as well as behavioural problems and Autism.
Please note that other children suffering with similar fevers and coughs may need a remedy other than Belladonna, It is always advisable to seek advice from a professional homeopath.
Monica2Monica Robinson MBRCP Hom Bingley, West Yorkshire

The Yorkshire College of Classical Homoeopathy

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