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Get fit for the Summer with 7 body weight exercises

Marc Dressen is a sports scientist, NLP coach, lifestyle coach and personal trainer – he shares his 7-exercise sequence perfect for getting fit quick this summer.

HIIT is a style of exercise that involves intensive interval training, you can take a rest in-between your exercises or go straight to the next. These exercises use only your body weight… so ensure you wear suitable footwear and clothing. You can do these exercises after each other, or start by doing one each day before you feel ready to put them all together in one workout.

Make sure you do a warm up to begin, and then do some stretches after the sequence, drink plenty of water and adjust your diet to wholesome and healthy eating to be sure to get fit and healthy ready for summer time.

1: Jumping Air Jacks – Exercise Library (HIIT) | Marc Dressen

2: Triple 3x Jump Squats – Exercise Library (HIIT) | Marc Dressen

3: Ski Jumps – Exercise Library (HIIT) | Marc Dressen

4: Alternating Jumping Lunges for Beginners – Exercise Library (HIIT) | Marc Dressen

5: Inchworms – Exercise Library (HIIT) | Marc Dressen

6: Burpees – Exercise Library (HIIT) | Marc Dressen

7:  High Knees – Exercise Library (HIIT) | Marc Dressen

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Feature image taken by Darren Brade

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