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Glitz Up Your Make Up

Beauty expert Emily Rose shows how you can add glamour to your daytime makeup, giving you the perfect sparkle for any after-work festive party

Christmas really is my favorite time of the year, granted it’s a little on the chilly side, and I miss the summer sun and BBQs, but it’s so fun and glitzy. Personally, I think we are lucky to have seasons, it gets so cold during the winter that when, (if) the summer sun arrives we Brit’s get totally excited and celebrate. As summer fades, winter begins to creep in and I just love the way that everyone suddenly jumps into party mode, ready for the many Christmas work parties penciled in the diary, as well as general socialising after a long day of appointments.
Christmas is less than a month away, and that time of year when you really need to think ahead with the contents of your handbag: Which makeup products will you want to carry with you so that you can go straight from the salon or treatment room looking like you’ve just been given the red carpet dust over?  Christmas parties start as early as November, so be prepared to dazzle and shine…

Makeup, in my opinion is a huge part of festive fun for a woman: Glitter is the most simple and effective way in which you can glam up your makeup and step into that festive spirit; a perfect way to go from your daytime professional look, and transform into a glamorous goddess. All you will need is glitter gel eyeliner, a pot of loose eye make-up glitter for extra drama, and a luscious lip-gloss.

Get the Look

Choose glitter gel eyeliner in a colour of your choice, run it along your top lids next to your lash line. Whilst the product is still wet, use your finger to pat it all over your lid, so that it gives an eye shadow effect rather than looking like a line of eyeliner. You can either keep building on top of this with the same line, or you can take a pot of glitter (designed specifically for eyes for it’s safety aspect), dip your finger tip into it and pat it on top of the liner for added definition.

Hold a tissue beneath your eyes whilst you do this to catch fall out, or alternatively dust a generous amount of loose translucent powder beneath your eyes to catch it, and dust it away with a fluffy brush once you are done.

If you love false lashes but find them tricky to apply, try taking a regular pair of strip lashes and cutting them into a few sections – keep them in order though so that you don’t end up with wonky lashes! The smaller sections allow for easier control of application, plus you may decide that your happy with just a corner lash for example.

Curl your own lashes, and then run some lash glue along the first section of lash, allow it to become tacky, and then looking down into a mirror, lay the lash gently into the root of your natural lashes. Use a cotton bud to press them down into your own lashes, so that they blend together. Repeat this process for all of the sections. Once dry, add some lashings of dark mascara. Oh and if you really want to excel on the glitzy front, why not try brushing your glitter eyeliner over the tip of your falsies too.

In terms of touching up your skin, carry a small pot of mineral powder, to perfect small areas, or to dust over your entire face for an overall lift. Cheeks must be nice and minimal, because there is lots going on with the eyes, so stick to a sweep of bronze or apricot for a glow, or a sweep of pink blush for a winter rosy complexion.

Choose a luscious lip-gloss with a sexy sheen and pop it onto your lips for a kissable, eye-catching pout.

Thanks, Emily Rose x

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