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Annette Du Bois, the Small Business Growth Expert, and author of ‘Big Profit Thinking To Stop Your Small Business Sinking’, gives five marketing strategies to help you grow your holistic business:

If you’re feeling frustrated with a crawling business, constantly competing with tightly squeezed budgets then you’re not alone – But, fear not, as there is plenty for you to look forward to in building a stronger and more sustainable business this year, even on a tight budget.

Any business relies on two critical elements for success: marketing, and retention. Here’s how you can achieve both:

#1 Effective Marketing of your business is less about budget, and more about innovation. Some of the best results come from creative ways to get noticed, including:

  • Free trials
  • Host an open evening, with great offers
  • Flyers – opt for an unusual shape, with an irresistible offer
  • Social media
  • Fresh, informative website, with capture data function
  • Offer services for free at events, shows, fetes etc
  • Special discount for employees of local businesses

#2 Keep in Front of your clients with regular personal communication to incentivise their return. Add value to them with helpful hints, tips and advice. Build trust and create long term customer loyalty with:

  • Newsletters
  • Follow up phone calls/emails
  • Blogs
  • Vlogs (short videos)
  • Product announcements, offers
  • Latest research, etc

#3 Referrals significantly increase your business. When a client expresses their thanks or delight for your services use this…

“Thank you, it’s my pleasure to help you feel so … (special/relaxed, etc). Do you know anyone else who might appreciate feeling like you do? Simply hand this (card/flyer) to anyone you know, if they book and mention your name you’ll receive a complimentary (treatment/session, etc) on your next visit.”

Ensure the complimentary offer is of high perceived value to acknowledge their help.

#4 Promotional Partnerships, also known as a Joint Venture (JV) should be mutually beneficial to both parties. This is where your services synergise and add value to other industry professionals’ clients, if you offer therapies they don’t. For example, an Acupuncturist could add value to a practice that doesn’t already provide this service. Once terms and remuneration have been agreed, the effective combining of marketing and promotions should lead to a great result.  For any JV to be successful there must be alignment, fair and equal for both parties.

#5 Expert Positioning can instantly boost your business. Being a trusted expert in your field is the perfect way to achieve far greater results than relying on marketing alone. You could…

  • Write articles for industry magazines
  • Guest blog on your subject
  • Local radio contribution
  • Sponsor a good cause
  • Speak at events
  • Write a book on your subject
  • Local TV appearances

This is the ultimate guidance and direction to achieve significant growth even in a challenging economy.

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1)    Constantly expand your industry and business knowledge by doing regular and relevant CPD.

2)    Practice what you preach by maintaining your own health and wellbeing.

3)    Embark on a new ‘me’ hobby, ensuring a work-life balance.

4)    Expand your network, either online or by attending exhibitions, events and seminars.

5)    Be productive and make every day count, both personally and for your business.

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