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Guest Blog: The paths we tread, by Susan Roberts

The Paths We Tread by Susan Roberts

As a holistic therapist I get involved in a lot of activities which challenge my beliefs and expand my mind.

And as a former counsellor I like to observe people’s behaviour.

I am so pleased and excited to see so many people expanding their knowledge.

I can openly tell people, “I’m a hedge witch,” and am able to feel a little pride in that. Sure, a lot of people look at me sideways, and double check what “kind” of witch (envisioning some sort of black hatted evil crone). But once I explain I’m merely studying herbs and their healing properties they soon become interested and I can fill in the gaps. Once upon a time I would’ve been burned at the stake! But then not that long ago I would have just been mocked.

Last year I became a fully-fledged Reiki Master, which is one of my greatest achievements to date. I set up Pegasuz as primarily an Equine Reiki practice, as I have a close affinity to animals. But an increasing number of humans are seeking my assistance.

We are living in very uncertain times; increased austerity is leading to increased stress. Stress induced illnesses are therefore on the rise too. But instead of pumping more chemicals into ourselves, we seem to be seeking more natural remedies. Don’t get me wrong; for serious illness, these therapies are still complimentary and should be used alongside modern medicine. But natural remedies cannot be ignored any longer. Just being out in nature can lift our spirits, and reconnects us with our planet.

It is so easy to isolate ourselves. It is now technically possible to never leave your house; everything can be accessed and ordered online. But then we close in on ourselves and shut the world out. Only outside can we remind ourselves of the wondrous planet on which we live, and if we do not take care, how much we have to lose.

I have met so many wonderful people on my life’s path, and lots are opening themselves to a holistic life; being mindful in everything we think, say and do. Maybe we can make this ‘always act from love’ the next epidemic? Imagine; if there was more love in the world there’d be less room for hatred. Love is the most powerful force in the universe after all.

I have a dream; I long to be able to buy a farmhouse in the countryside. It will have an annexe so those who are struggling with the rat race can hit that pause button and stay with my husband and I for a while. In space and calmness they can assess their life and figure out what it is they really want to do. And of course it must also have a paddock; the horses I help will also offer their own powerful healing to troubled humans. I myself have felt their gentle reassurance, when I was distressed in my youth horse riding took me away from the harsh outside world. On the back of Barnaby I could be me and that horse would accept that without judgement.

Each of us treads a different path; each learning an important life lesson. Our place is not to judge others, but to acknowledge they are treading a different path to us, and to help assist them if we can. Do we not wish to receive assistance in return? We have a great capacity for good!

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Talking to Animals
7 years ago

I have an office from my home now and it’s so peaceful and removed from the rat-race of before. However, I totally enjoy getting out to give reiki to people’s horses, dogs or cats. Meeting new people and their pets is so much fun!