HTM course Reviews 2016: Face Yoga

You may have read the previous post about my discovery of Face Yoga, and the interview with the Face Yoga Expert Danielle Collins… By the end of which I was excited to find out more, and thought it would be a fabulous course to complete for the HTM 2016 course and CPD reviews…

Here are my thoughts!

The initial contact from Danielle was prompt and efficient, she emailed everything I needed so I could complete the Face Yoga Online course, as well as made it clear that she was available if I needed to ask her any questions about the method or the course manual. This instantly gave me reassurance that despite it being a distance learning course, Danielle was there as a support throughout.

So far so good… after browsing the notes and flicking through the material, I thought, ‘Wow, there is a fair amount to know about Face Yoga.’

The course includes:

  • anatomy and physiology of the face,
  • theory of Face Yoga,
  • face exercises,
  • face massage,
  • face acupressure,
  • relaxation and meditation techniques,
  • wellbeing and nutrition advice,
  • how to teach a Face Yoga class, workshop, and one-to-one sessions,
  • safety procedures and recommended insurance provider,
  • setting up your business,
  • written and practical assessment and evaluation.

So with everything I needed, I was keen to get started, and I quickly realised that although the manual seemed at first rather lengthy, it was so thorough and yet so simple to follow – that before I knew it I had completed the first hour of theory. In fact, it is the warm tone of Danielle’s voice that is carried through the text of the manual, making it very enjoyable to read.

Danielle makes it clear in the notes that whilst she has provided a suggested study time for each section, that this is a minimum of what is required per subject… I think this is fabulous advice, because everybody learns at a different rate…

Everybody also learns in different ways; some people prefer visuals or videos and others prefer practice, or theory, and this manual provides it all. Each technique is shown with clear photos, paired with written descriptions, and theory, followed by a link to a private YouTube video.

So although this was an online/distance course, it really felt as though Danielle connected with me, via the videos, and I still felt as though I’d built rapport with Danielle. The videos are clear, short, easy to watch and have no distractions – so are perfect for a learning tool.

When I reached the facial anatomy section, I was truly fascinated, and to me, this was one of the most important parts of the learning, I thought “if I understand this part, then the practical will be more fun and natural to do.”

You can choose to print the course material and keep learning the facial muscles and skeletal system, and by doing this, all of the info will remain fresh even when you are out there in the world of teaching Face Yoga. It is great to see how the techniques have been developed based on the muscles, skin and skeletal structure of the face.

Who is this course good for?

Yoga teachers can add this to their class schedule. And any massage therapists, body workers or acupressure professionals can add this to their services: Teaching their clients the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method for them to practice at home in-between appointments.

Face Yoga is a great add-on for any beauty professional too, those offering facials, or working with anti-ageing techniques – the natural way of course.

The course notes clearly state that the students are awarded 12 REP CPD points with REPs – Register of Exercise Professionals, and is approved by the Skillsactive group, and accredited by The International College of Holistic Medicine.

Danielle also made it clear to me when I spoke to her that there are no prerequisites for the course, and that you don’t have to already be a holistic or fitness professional to be a Face Yoga Teacher. This is great news for those interested in starting out a holistic profession.

What support do teachers get after qualifying?

On completion of the course The Certificate of Achievement in The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is awarded and teachers are entitled to a free listing as a qualified teacher in the teacher directory.

Danielle is available for her new teachers to email any questions as and when they may arise, and teachers are given the opportunity to become a member of her CPD monthly training package, so they can be sent new training, including face exercises, acupressure, wellbeing techniques, tips on teaching, and tips on business, as well as being listed higher on the website. They also receive the DVD, wall chart, and pro-face lift mosituriser at reduced prices so that they can re-sell to clients as a business add-on.

Overall, The Danielle Collins Face Yoga course is convenient for a businesswoman/mum like myself, but I would have liked to have done the face-to-face format too. I do love that I was able to pace the course material around my own schedule, but most importantly that there was no pressure to complete it by a certain time. The course material is informative, but not intimidating, which is exactly what is required for a distance course when you want to be self-motivated and make progress without confusion. The video tutorials of the exercises are clear, and Danielle is very good at explaining and demonstrating, making it easy and enjoyable to learn the method. A fab and fun course, and an effective wellbeing, relaxation and beauty method. The exam was a really good way to assess how well I had learnt the material, and the Skype practical exam was enjoyable, despite me being a little nervous. And now, I am able to share the benefits of Face Yoga with my clients.

Check out more on Danielle’s Website: TheFaceYogaExpert

Check out DANIELLE COLLINS APP… for £7.99


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