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Inspirational Mainstream Music

Music is amazing isn’t it? It has such positive… and sometimes negative effects on us. It can conjure so much emotion, memories and more… and it can really inspire too … as therapists you will probably have your own personal tastes as well as music that is more generically relaxing for clients to listen to during practice, or therapy sessions.

Here are some mainstream songs that are uplifting and will get you ready for the rest of the week at work:

  1. Jack Johnson generally has lovely, relaxing music that is idea to sing along to in the car as well as have as background sounds during a dinner party. Listen to the beautiful music and lyrics to ‘I Got You’ from his album ‘From Here to Now To You’: CLICK YOUTUBE.
  2. Emeli Sande has an amazing voice – pop and gospel fusion – her tracks have an uplifting sense to them… defo hairbrush, miming in the mirror tunes. Listen to this absolutely beautiful track, Lifetime, and dedicate it to someone you love… it is a song of appreciation, gratitude and time… priority of the things that really matter: CLICK YOUTUBE.
  3. Queen may or not be to your taste but there can be no denying that so many of their songs are so uplifting, if not nostalgic for some of us older folk. Don’t Stop Me Now is a classic and it delivers a message that we can do whatever we like, and enthuses us to enjoy life to the max: CLICK YOUTUBE.
  4. Stevie Wonder’s version of We Can Work It Out – this has been done by a number of artists – but it makes you realise that there is always a way to work problems or disputes out – and of course hat life is too short not to do this, and putting yourself in others shoes… but it is also a really funky track: CLICK YOUTUBE.
  5. Cat Stevens song Can’t Keep It in, has great lyrics and an uplifting vibe… it is defo worth a listen, so SHOW THE WORLD ALL LOVE THAT’s IN YOU! CLICK YOUTUBE.

Happy listening!


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