Issue 12 out now!

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Issue 12 out now!

Issue 12 sees the departure of Amy as editor and the arrival of Louise… the Winter issue is filled with a more business tips, reviews, nutritional advice, case studies, and so much more… here is Amy’s final Editor Letter:

Dear Therapist,

Summer is now fading, the leaves are turning, and it’s time to think about everything you have achieved this year. This autumn issue is all about celebrating success, creating opportunities for your business, and looking after yourself to make sure that you are healthy as well as wealthy (the latter can take a little longer, but that’s why we’re here to help!)

Our contributors have produced a bumper crop of excellent business advice articles for this issue. From inside info on how to increase your revenue (pages 12 and 13) to building up your client base from 2 to 20 in 12 easy steps (pages 24-25), creating great PR that sells your services (page 32) and advice on Bank Holiday working – to work or not (pages 22-23) we have all you need and more to create and grow your holistic therapy business.

This autumn issue is also a business case study special, and we’ve scoured the world of holistic health practitioners to bring you the most inspiring stories of real people who took the leap into CAM. Jordan shares her top Hallowe’en business promo tips, while on page 20, Louis Jensen shows us how to be open to receiving, not only at this season of giving but all year round. And I don’t mean how to get more presents!

We have some great advice on learning the dark arts of search engine optimisation on page 14, and some top tips for creating engaging website content that clients will love to read, and most importantly, share (page 15).

Of course, creating and sustaining a healthy business begins with having a healthy you – mind, body and soul. Our health section is packed with advice on how to nurture yourself, from yoga, to positive thinking, to nourishing your skin with organic skincare and your body with healthy foods. Our Meet the Maker series features the founders of Wild Nutrition, while we also get advice on how to forage for delicious wild foods at this time of year.

Our guide to ethical Christmas gifts is packed with goodies that the HTM team would love to give and receive, so you’re all set for the festive season to begin, then ready to think about embracing a brand New Year and all the wonderful things it could bring you.

This is also my last issue as the editor of HTM – I’m moving on to new things and want to thank you for your wonderful loyalty to the magazine. I will be handing over the reins to the fabulous Louise Everett who I am sure will bring enthusiasm, vibrance and an even brighter future to the magazine. Joy and love of the season to you!

Amy x


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