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Issue 45 Spring 2023 Is Now Out

Finally – we are pleased to announce that Issue 45 Spring 2023 is now out and available to read and download at your leisure.

This issue is all about resilience, the ability to pivot and adjust to new circumstances and triumph over setbacks.

It’s a theme which is particularly appropriate for the magazine and those of us involved in creating it, as the magazine has just undergone a change of ownership.   The process took rather longer than we were anticipating, which is why this issue is rather later than we’d have liked – but better late than never!
New owners naturally bring some changes with them. The principal one being that the magazine will be digital only, rather than producing print issues. As you’ll all be well aware, the costs for everything are out of control just now and printing and postage was no longer a viable option. The choices were go digital only, or die.

This new approach also gives rise to a host of new opportunities. We’ll be able to offer more content online and make it easier to access the wealth of previous features, as well as building an amazing online community. We’re looking forward to this new stage in the magazine’s evolution.

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