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Issue 46 Is Out Now

This issue focusses on women. Given that the vast majority of holistic therapists and their clients are women, that’s shouldn’t come as a surprise. What might surprise – or possibly horrify you – is how much often women tend to be overlooked by the medical establishment. From testing new drugs on younger men, to discounting the severity or impact of women’s pain and even offering different, less effective treatments for women when they report the same symptoms as men, there’s no doubt about who receives the short straw.

Like all problems, this also represents an opportunity. Women offer a significant market, so we’ve rounded up the latest consumer trends and shared how to design products and services for a female clientele. Our health focus looks at the Menopause, which is finally emerging from the shadows and being discussed in public as a major life change.

You’ll also find features on becoming more confident, changing career, breaking free of self-imposed restrictive thoughts and taking on staff. As usual, the issue is packed with insights, practical ideas and interesting people.


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