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Living In Your Heart And Why I Use Exercise To Own It.

Letting go, learning to know yourself, forming a bond with your current skin, living the now. Feeling love and affection for yourself but not in a selfless or selfish way. These manifestos we chew and observe time after time, day after day. But how do we put them into practice?

For me it is surrounding myself with beautiful people, people full of heart, who share in earned passions, in soul, in calm, in affection. Whom eclectically resolutely listen and value companionship, speech and touch of soul.

Who nurture a conversation, who share in your smiles who get your mojo bubble and vibe. It is relentlessly calm and gentle as you bounce from one another and grew beautiful things. It is one island, not two, it is a special playground. It just isn’t at all hard. It doesn’t need to be all consuming, it needs to be there as part of your daily DNA, this is the day you start to feel your best. You can close your eyes and touch it, you can feel it, it is ownership and understanding of being the gatekeeper for yourself, what you allow in and what you keep at bay. Always seeking learning, sharing and taking ownership for self in today and not what you left behind.

IMG_6111It has taken me all too long to educate myself that what I hold are gifts, its not waiting for something, its not wishing for something its resolutely loving what you hold now and what you have let go to allow you to grew. It is the warmth in your skin as you look to your given or toiled for earned passions, whether it be people, practices, spirituality or surroundings. It is a deep resolute acknowledgement and understanding that this is who you are and you need no more, you are nourished right now if you keep hold of a balanced gatekeeper self.


Realising its ok to give myself time, in a calm and self nurturing way, this is my toiled for passion. Where do I do this? I like and thrive in the space of isolation. The space I get when I exercise, the rush in my veins the feeling of chasing my heart and beating the taking on of my mind. Silencing my mind, I can do this, its a gift thats taken me years. I can silence and cut pain, and give it a locked away place. I love the feeling of my muscles, connecting with an amazing body we have been gifted, caring for it, nurturing it, owning it and not mistreating it. Respecting it for what it is and giving up to it mentally, physically and emotionally the best it deserves. When you realise you are are paired with this being you can fly. Its not about appearance, its about caring for this other being, your body, your mind, your soul and earnt passions. It is the heartbeat of walking your chapter on this earth. Taking almost a separate identity to touch and connect. Its easy to become numbed to this being, but open up the door to learning about you, what are your owned or toiled for passions and what will allow you to rise up. – Its called living in and with your heart energy.

fearI see so many women whom grieve for the person of an old time, bereaved of the old self, but was that person complete? Was that person aware of their surroundings, their ownership of self and had a fully encompassing set of self nurturing goals and practices plus the added bonuses she has now, with it new earned passions? This is what gives you back self the one that has been numbed, a deep understanding and appreciation of you now.

Think deep, give yourself peace, time and form a practice that fully understands you. Understand your fruitages of spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, mildness, self-control and faith. It takes investigation, understanding and each is a little being on its own shelf that needs reflection.

Don’t make assumption that your “passion” is a specific thing inside of you, waiting to be uncovered and acted upon. In is infact the other way around: our passion is a byproduct of doing great work, go find this work or pull it up from the allotment.

IMG_1743Rich rest and nurture.
Georgina x


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