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Love is in the air – Here’s our guide to attracting your Rock this Valentines.



First of all, it’s important to do a little bit of ground work if you want to attract the highest level soul mate possible. It’s no good attracting what you had before and didn’t work. Looking back at your past relationships you may be surprised at recurring patterns and problems that made you unhappy.

First of all you need to get rid of your emotional baggage; you need to free yourself from past issues and problems so to not repeat the same mistakes; and you absolutely need to start ‘fresh’ because, like it says in the L’Oreal advert, “You’re worth it”.

Just remember to keep your fun and positive feelings going on while starting this new phase of your life.

Now let’s get started. I can recommend three absolutely smashing crystals that will get the love ball rolling. You can work with one or all of them.



Dioptase:  A beautiful, almost translucent sparkling green stone that is called the stone of forgiveness. Its job is to help release emotional attachments from the Heart Chakra, by bringing them to awareness then dissolving them.

When you can forgive, you move forward with the energies of joy, hope and lightness of being; these are great ingredients for attraction.

pink tourmaline

Pink tourmaline: A wonderful pink striated stone that channels higher levels of love into heart chakra and lightens and turns heavy dense emotional patterns into to a higher vibration.


Rose Quartz: This is my “one and only “I love this stone so much, it has worked wonders for me around issues of forgiveness; nurturing me when I give myself a bit of a hard time. It is the best healer for self love; and it also helps establishing it. When you experience unconditional self-love, it elevates you to the same vibration and quality of love you desire from your soul mate.


You can work with one or all of the stones. Make sure you cleanse the crystals first and then place them over your heart chakra. Relax for fifteen minutes and hold the intention of clearing out what no longer serves you.

After performing this heart-clearing work, which can be done over several days or until you feel ready, write down a list of qualities you want in a new partner; like a great sense of humour, kind heart, adventurous, affectionate and so on.


Remember to put loads of energy into this operation then get a lovely piece of paper, light some candles, get the music on and write away. As you list each quality, use your imagination to build that picture.

Now use your Rose Quartz and programme it for attracting your soul mate.

Repeat the following sentence from eight to twelve times to programme your Quartz:

“I am now in a loving, romantic relationship with my high-level soul mate, who is the perfect vibrational match”

Hold your crystal over your heart for 15 minutes everyday reading through the list of qualities; always remembering that you are worthy and infinitely deserving of the best partner ever.

When you have finished, place your crystal on the top of the list and leave it to keep sending energies to your soul mate.

Always be optimistic and open-hearted and, most of all, have fun.


With Love – Bunmi Aboaba – http://www.crystalcupslifestyle.com/

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