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Magnetic Pull

Lorna Howe of Magnetic Synergy explains the benefits of magnetising our water

Humans and animals have had this natural health benefit throughout our whole evolution; it was only when we stopped taking our water from rivers, springs and wells that we lost the natural balancing that occurs when we drink magnetised water.  When we take water away from the Earth’s magnetic field for more than three days, it loses its magnetism and therefore its balancing benefits.

Water companies use something called Anti-scale Magnetic treatment (AMT), which prevents formation of scale, and as a result prevents the production of naturally softer water, leading to vast savings in energy costs and replacement appliances.  In fact, water companies still offer magnet-based water softeners as a solution to hard water problems, which shows that even the water industry accepts magnets as a way to soften water.

There are many changes that happen when you place a magnet around a liquid;

  • It causes a change in density, surface tension, viscosity and pH value.
  • It promotes oxygenation between molecules.
  • It has an arresting effect on bacteria.
  • It is reported that it can destroy cancer eels (Barelost & Reich).
  • It improves taste, and provides energy, and balance.

Magnetising water is in fact ionising it – changing the positive charge to a negative charge (positive ions are widely thought to be damaging).  This change in charge causes temporary separation of minerals from molecular water clusters, resulting in improved taste and makes it behave as naturally soft water.

I personally use magnetic sticks and pebbles for a variety of reasons; in a jug in the fridge with a magnet stick for family consumption; in the fish tank to increase the pH level of the water, thus it doesn’t require chemicals, and in the animals’ water. I see a major difference in my flowers, which last around three weeks, my Yucca plants have grown exponentially, and this therapy has even aided the healing of a Shetland pony with laminitis.

Whatever you believe – we need some form of magnetism around us to ‘top up’ what we aren’t getting from the Earths’ magnetic field, and this is one solution. Please read more about magnetic therapy on holistictherapistmagazine.com. 

Internal benefits of drinking magnetic water

  • It can reduce excess acidity and bile in the digestive system
  • It can soothe nerves and helps against fatigue
  • It can help clear arteries and blood pressure
  • It can lower cholesterol
  • It can improve digestion, stomach problems and metabolism
  • It can increase regeneration of tissues
  • It can help with kidney and urinary tract issues
  • It can help with menstrual problems
  • Basically imparts better health and energy and revitalises wellness
  • It also has a mellowing effect on alcohol


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