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Naomi Walker reviews the benefits of Singing Bowls

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Primarily used for a range of meditation techniques, these amazing bowls date back as far as 500 BC, Buddhist monks used them to reach the much desired state of enlightenment, promote mindfulness and reach a higher energetic vibration. Skip forward to 2015, and these beautiful objects are used in yoga classes, New Age music, people’s homes for cleansing, finding inner calm, tranquility, sending Reiki and also to clear/rebalance our chakras.

Seeing them at a Mind, Body, Spirit festival in London this year and hearing the beautiful sound radiate from them I immediately knew I needed one! I’d attempted to use one before in a shop and failed miserably, it does take a little practice and there is a knack to it. The first time I managed to achieve the vibration I had such a strong reaction I couldn’t quite believe it. Being a Reiki practitioner, the energy felt so pure and tranquil I felt hypnotised and drawn to it. I sat and practiced for a while and once I got the sound going I couldn’t stop, closing my eyes and surrendering to the power of its healing. Bearing in mind, at this point I had done no research into Singing Bowls, I wasn’t quite prepared for the reaction I had… Within minutes a dull ache began in my pelvis; my previous blog posts explain my current struggle with endometriosis and on this particular day I thought I was doing okay, having only taken two ibuprofen (yay for me), but the energetic vibration definitely triggered immediate healing as the pain worsened. I’d also felt a tired headache beginning and as soon as I started, it transformed into a full-blown migraine, waking up this morning my hands had broken out into dyshidrosis  – a type of eczema my homeopath figured out is related to my hormonal problems.

With any type of holistic healing, it does tend to get worse before it gets better, and removing energetic blockages aren’t the most enjoyable experiences, as I was witnessing! The cause of most illnesses are due to energetic blockages found across our body and in our chakras, there are many ways to do this and clearly Singing Bowls are very effective. Once I did some research into their healing powers I started to use the Bowl whilst focussing orange light into my sacral chakra (to specifically focus on my endometriosis) using the colour orange helps to rebalance the chakra and with some Reiki added in too, it will hopefully help me with some powerful healing sessions, and with any luck it will work for you too!

Here are some tips for when you are using your own bowl:

  • Hold it loosely in your palm, don’t clutch it too tightly
  • Hold the wooden staff as you would a pen, not too firmly
  • As you stroke the sides of the bowl try to do so as evenly as possible in order to create a consistent sound
  • Don’t stroke the bowl too near the top, and practice, practice, practice!
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