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Naomi Walker reviews the “Miracle tea” ‘Equinox Kombucha’

The mystical elixir has been used and honoured for more than 2000 years in the Eastern world. Throughout the centuries Kombucha Tea has been named; “Immortality Tea”, “Miracle Tea” & “Elixir of Long Life”, suggestive of its curative & energising nature. – Equinox Kombucha Tea

Admittedly this was purchased on a whim from one of my local health food shops – I had never even heard of Kombucha, assuming it was just a fruit tea, upon returning to the car I actually read the back; “Fermented tea” hmm… It doesn’t exactly inspire the idea of a delicious thirst quencher by any means.

Kombucha is an ancient Chinese tea that historically was home-brewed using a special type of yeast and bacteria to ferment black and green tea. It was believed that this was a health elixir, healing any and all illnesses from Cancer to a sore throat. I hate to sound skeptical so early on but some Chinese medicinal inclinations such as whale blubber and shark fins, don’t help me put a lot of faith in this, but it seems innocent enough – I well know how effective Ancient Eastern ways of living can be very powerful.

img_3312After my shopping trip I completely forgot about the Kombucha sitting in my boot – some days later after a run/walk I realised I hadn’t taken any water with me and was gasping for a drink. Opening my boot I saw the strange tea sitting there, it might as well of had and Alice in Wonderland “drink me” label hanging from it. Nervously, I peeled off the bottle cap and it fizzed everywhere (just like leaving any fizzy drink rolling around in your car for a few days), I managed to contain most of it then took a sip. My first thoughts? Vinegar. Yup, it tasted like vinegar and had a slight sweet aftertaste. Due to my thirst and the supposed health benefits written on the label I guzzled the rest down. The fizz tickled my throat and suddenly I felt this great warmth settling in my heart chakra, this energy spread across my upper body, making my breath feel deeper and my heart pound stronger. Now I know it does contain naturally occurring caffeine – which I usually avoid – so I wondered if this sudden hit had revved me up. Usually after having anything caffeinated I feel sick, light-headed and as though a migraine is coming on, but not this time. I felt so energised – quite a feat considering I could win an Olympic medal in sleeping. I felt so revived that I actually ran around a bit more, my heart banging in my chest, smiling like a lunatic for no apparent reason.

Packing quite a punch, I would recommend it as a healthier energy drink – I can completely understand why Samurai warriors used to drink this in order to receive the “Chi” (life force energy, similar to “Ki” in Japan) that exudes from it – I certainly had a sense of this during my experience.

Note: with regard to its health benefits, I’m not so sure and I didn’t see any immediate effect. If any of you lovely readers give it a try on a regular basis to see its effects, please let me know how it goes.

Appearance/Price: A funky looking bottle with Mandala design, its about the same size as a bottle of beer. It has an old-fashioned pull cap and isn’t a screw top, so be careful when opening (especially if you leave it rolling around in your boot…) My single bottle cost £2.99, on the Equinox website they do a multipack of twenty bottles for £20, which isn’t bad at all.

Taste: As I said previously, vinegar-y to begin with and then gradually once you are used to it, you begin to taste the raspberry flavour but didn’t get much of the elderflower.

Ingredients: Containing multiple organic products, Equinox believe in using ethical ingredients and use Fair Trade as much as possible, a portion of the profits also go to humanitarian efforts including rainforest conservation – how great!

Naomi Walker – blogger

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