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New Year New You… and it’s back to the basics!

Every year is the same isn’t it? Christmas is done and dusted after the mass of preparation, and then the New Year hits, and then literally overnight we are all looking for that fresh start, that cleansing or the detoxing… This is probably because even for the healthy or mindful amongst us, the festive season is one of indulgence, and this can effect our weight, sleep quality, and skin…

So for the New Year New You, it is time to go back to the basics, but at the same time still keeping that sense of indulgence… with Base Formula: a range of essential oils, and skincare products that HTM just had to try… Why? Well, the packaging is very clean, and fresh, which is a great fresh start for 2016, and it comes already recommended…

The brand also has some January offers on – so check out the website: Base Formula…

But before you do, here are HTM’s top five Base Formula products:

Festive Fruits Essential Oils: You can still have the sense of festivity with this lovely essential oil. It is so fresh, and we tried this on the feet, and hands too… but there are literally hundreds of ways you can use essential oils, both for personal and home use or for your holistic business or modality.

Hydrating Eye Gel: This is amazing to give you a lift when you feel tired… it is such a lovely, light consistency, and cooling to apply… there is a fresh and subtle scent from the Aloe Vera and Cucumber, and we found that this has an instant hydrating and cooling effect… Great for every day use.

Soothing Overnight Mask: Unlike other overnight masks, this product is light, it is cool, and the consistency is like jelly – in a pleasant way. The Lavender and Chamomile scents add a hint of relaxation during bedtime.

base formula website for holistic therapist mag by jayson FirmerRecovery Facial Exfoliator: HTM love this product, it has an easy-to-use pump, and the consistency is divine… unlike other exfoliators this is easy to apply, not rough, and the bamboo beads work their gentle magic when massaged in circular motions. There is an instant smoother and fresher effect on the skin and the scents of Lemongrass and Lime are invigorating.

Sweet Dreams Spritz: This adds a sense of dreaminess to the bedroom, some similar products from other brands can be  overwhelming or sickly, but this is just lovely. HTM recommends using this in the air to help with a relaxing sleep or meditation practice.


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