New Year New You

New Year New You

So what are your New Year’s resolutions?  Maybe you don’t do the resolution thing!  There is no denying that the start of a fresh New Year is the perfect time to reflect about your life as a whole – business, personal, and health… but with so much to think about after the festive food, fun, and family frolics – where do you start?  Issue 1 of HTM has plenty for you to get started with when it comes to business direction.  Mark Shields offers tips on how to utalise the first quarter of 2012, Sue Masters provides ways for you to detox your business and there are loads of other articles on injecting freshness into your business with advertising, PR, marketing, social networking and more … which is what would be expected from The Industry’s No.1 Business Guide.  So the biz side of things for the New Year is covered… how about you and your health?  Read on for ten ideas that will make you smile and feel fresh for the year ahead…

  1. Reinvent your image with a fresh new hair-do… get low lights, high lights, try a fringe, or luscious layers.  It is amazing how you feel prepared to face the world when you have a nice new hairstyle.
  2. If you got a Kindle or other reading device for Christmas, take advantage of the free downloads or 99p offers, and dedicate some time to reading each day.  Getting lost in a good story constitutes well needed ‘me’ time away from the stresses and strains of your working day.  It is also nice to escape reality and indulge in a world of imagination.
  3. Head to the post-Christmas sales and grab yourself a treat, the best way to do this is to allocate a certain budget and take that amount in cash, leaving all credit cards, debit cards and cheque books tucked away at home.  This way you will not feel guilty that you have overspent and you are more likely to only come home with things you really love.
  4. The New Year is a great time to start a hobby that you have always wanted to do, or to learn a new skill… maybe a new language, a musical instrument, or martial arts.  Remember life is about balance and in order to be great at work and in your personal relationships you must dedicate time to doing the things that make you happy and relaxed too.
  5. Do something invigorating – a sky dive, or off the road race.  If this is way too extreme for you – try having a cold shower after a warm one… this not only freshens you up leaving you feeling invigorated but it also closes your pores and is fantastic for your skin.
  6. Post Christmas budgets are often tight, but it is a great time to buy bigger items that are discounted… buy a new bed.  If you have long suffered with a bed you have had for years, this is the perfect time to re-invest.  Sleep is so important and you will be a different person after having a fantastic night’s sleep on an amazing bed… don’t buy online, it is best to go to a showroom and try out the mattresses – just don’t fall asleep in the store.
  7. De-clutter – clean up your home or treatment room and throw or give to charity any things you no longer use or need.  This may seem an unattractive option, however it will make you feel great.  You will clear your mind as well as your surroundings – there is little point in holding on to ‘stuff’ just for the sack of it or on the off chance you may use it in ten years time.  If you de-clutter regularly it will be an easier task each time.
  8. CHEESEY CLICHÉ ALERT:  Do a good deed a day and you will feel a million pounds – it can be as small as helping somebody pack their shopping or letting them go before you in a queue.  These little gestures remind us what life is really about, without the fast pace and materialism.
  9. It may already be apart of your daily routine – but it is so easy to drop it to the bottom of the list or even erase it from the list altogether – get some exercise and make it daily, it can be a little dance in your living room, a stroll in the park or a full on work out at the gym… whatever you choose it will lead to a new you, emotionally, mentally and physically too.
  10. Last but by no means least, simply smile and laugh as much as possible… people get caught up in taking life too seriously.  So SMILE – It makes people feel good as well as yourself, as long as it is a sincere… Go on, do it now, laugh at something that amuses you or smile at somebody… told you, feels good doesn’t it.

(Photographer: Marcello Pozzetti Make-up: Emily-Rose Model: Rebecca Richardson)

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