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Amazing new yoga clothing range infused with crystals

We are Crystal & Rox and would like to introduce you to our Goddess collection of Yoga/Pilates Lifestyle clothing,

All of the Goddess range products which includes unique crystal jewellery and Intelligent bamboo yoga and lifestyle wear are designed to take your yoga and lifestyle to the next level. To help you become more centred and bring balance to your everyday.

The use of Crystals in jewellery and in your crystal enhanced clothing range increase feelings of positivity well-being and love for yourself and the world around you.

The clothing is made from beautifully soft bamboo fabric that caresses your skin and is as kind to the wearer as it is to the planet anti-static-anti-fungal, sweat wicking and incredibly durable with thermo regulating qualities. No deforestation or irrigation is required for the growth of bamboo making it truly a fabric for the future of the planet, intelligent fabric for intelligent designs for the contemporary informed woman.

Please do head over to our site www.crystalandrox.com to discover the full range and all of the gorgeous crystal jewellery we have on offer.



                          “I felt stronger in myself, physically, mentally and spiritually. I felt empowered on a daily basis. My self esteem and confidence rose. I was starting to enjoy life again and all it had to offer. I am moving forward in my life and making my dreams happen.”
— Crystal & Rox founder Bunmi Aboaba

I am a medical practitioner by profession and a 51 year old mother of two boys.

A chance meeting with Shaman Anna Coates, who is now a dear friend, sparked my interest in the well-being properties of crystals. At that particular moment in time, life was setting me some pretty tough challenges and I was instinctively drawn to the holistic approach to finding solutions, self-love and healing. My self-esteem was low and my confidence at rock bottom. I couldn’t seem to get out of this funk. Life was joyless.

With Anna’s gentle and loving help I was able to use crystals to achieve balance and harmony in my life.

I was also drawn to the practice of Yoga which, together with Crystal healing was nothing short of amazing.

I felt stronger in myself, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I felt empowered on a daily basis. My self-esteem and confidence rose. I was starting to enjoy life again and all it had to offer. I am moving forward in my life and making my dreams happen.

Since then I have been absolutely passionate about crystals and Yoga and how this awesome combination can benefit us all. By wearing the appropriate crystals kept secured in my bra I enjoyed enhanced creativity, inspiration, calm and energy – and as a Mother to two small boys I need all the energy I can get!


Happy with such a great result I came up with the idea of Crystal & Rox, a concept whereby crystals can be placed safely in an integrated pocket in the Yoga tops. I wanted to have my crystals close to me while I practised Yoga and feel their energies working with mine.

This way the crystals are comfortable to wear and they won’t fall out. (Yes, I have caused a few raised eyebrows in my time)

Crystals, gems or precious stones can aid your Yoga practice by helping to bring a new world of clear intentions, energies and powers into your life. To create positive changes and manifesting your dreams is what it’s all about.

Who couldn’t use a little support from Crystal & Rox?

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