Product Review: Voya Effervescence Nourishing Sugar Scrub

There are so many scrubs on the market offering the same solution for our skin… but not all of them live up to the promise of smoothing, exfoliating and reviving our skin; as well as remaining as good to the environment as possible in this modern world of chemicals and technology…

Voya is a brand that began as a family operated seaweed baths company in Ireland. It wasn’t long before customers were asking for products, so they could gain the same soothing benefits at home.

Voya founder, Neil Walton and his family refused to compromise the benefits of the natural ingredients, fully aware that conventional chemicals would do this, they decided to stick to their values and develop the first genuinely organic seaweed-based cosmetic products in the world, that are approved by the Organic Soil Association.

With a history like this, HTM wanted to try Voya out… and it was the Effervescence Nourishing Sugar Scrub (£34), that we tried over a period of two weeks.

First impressions: The packaging is lovely; the branding is in-keeping with nature; the greens and neutral tones combined with the gold and purple writing add luxury. The packaging is partly made from seaweed and other responsibly sourced products. Both the box and tub are clearly labelled and easy to open and store.


Using the Product: I have quite smooth skin already, however there are areas that are slightly rough, and I thought I’d never find a product to smoothen the skin here… I have now. I used Effervescence Nourishing Sugar Scrub twice in week one, and three times in week two, and my skin has never felt so smooth and nourished. I am delighted. I haven’t had to apply a moisturiser after my shower either. If you do have dry skin or rough skin you may need a moisturising product after you dry your skin, but I found the benefits of using this scrub long lasting. Only a small amount is needed, and the consistencies goes from a natural seaweed-sugar exfoliator to a soothing milk when the warm water is used.

The smell of the product is natural and subtle, but there are distinct aromas of the ingredients lavender and orange, which are perfectly paired with seaweed, as they add a sweeter scent.

As well as sweet-smelling, orange is soothing, can relieve water retention, is rich in Vitamin C, is refreshing and is known to stimulate the lymphatic system, so an added detoxing ingredient, and the soothing lavender, that smells divine too, has been used in traditional medicine for years to help heal the skin and reduce inflammation… this scrub seems to have nothing but love for our bodies. For more information on the key ingredient, seaweed, go to https://voya.ie/our-story/benefits-of-seaweed/

I think this is a lovely gift for somebody (including your own body!), and for those people with salons, doing body treatments, clients would love the instant results from this product.

Head to the Voya website for more information, and products: https://voya.ie

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