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Editors Letter

Someone asked me the other day when I was first introduced to holistic health and wellbeing. I had to think a bit, because my family weren’t the type of people who went to spas, meditated or practiced the Alexander Technique. After a few moments, I realised that I had actually been introduced to several holistic ideas before I even started school.

I remember being stung by a nettle and my aunt showing me how to find a dock leaf and how to use it to relieve pain. A few years later, I can recollect her explaining that about half our family had a very high pain threshold and could think pain away. She taught me to mentally travel down my veins or arteries and visualise the pain disappearing. In retrospect, I think she also knew a fair amount of child psychology, but it’s still a technique I use today.

Getting the message over about the benefits of holistic therapy isn’t always as easy as demonstrating a dock leaf to a four year old, yet it’s essential that we all reach out and widen the reach and acceptance of holistic therapy as a valid form of treatment. We have so much to contribute to making people healthier and happier, to helping them change, particularly when it comes to both chronic pain and lifestyle diseases. That’s why I’m particularly pleased to have a feature about the new Hawthorn Health App, which will gather data which can be used towards creating a body of scientific evidence that holistic therapies can and do work, and that a whole person approach is often more successful in the long term that simply handing over a bottle of pills.

We’ve got plenty of ideas in this issue to help you spread the message and to help build your own business as a result. You’ll find advice on making social media work for you, how to use free training to build your business, treating chronic pain, planning for long term success and much more. Talking of getting messages out there, if you haven’t seen our new consumer title, Holistic Health Magazine, then here’s a link to the first issue.

We hope you love both this issue of Holistic Therapist and the new magazine as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Managing Editor


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