Rainbow Salad


Rainbow Salad

Wow – What an amazing weekend for weather! With the temperatures rising there is always the risk of dehydrating and who can be bothered to stand over a hot stove to make matters worse? If you want to prepare something quick and easy, packed with goodness, tasty and totally satisfying, then this salad is for you!


~ 4-5 handful of salad leaves ( we used baby spinach leaves, romaine lettuce and left over mixed leaf salad but you can use whatever you have).

~ Raw Beetroot chopped into matchsticks

~ Carrot chopped into matchsticks

~ Cucumber sliced

~ Yellow pepper chopped into bite sized pieces.

~ Cherry tomatoes

~ Parsley roughly chopped

~ 1 pack of halloumi sliced and browned


~ 3 tbls extra virgin olive oil

~ 2 tbls white wine vinegar

~ 1 tbls lemon juice

~ Himalayan salt and freshly ground black pepper

Prepare all you ingredients and dressing, mix together with love and enjoy!

My aim every day is to eat the rainbow, and by this I mean choosing fresh fruit and vegetables that are brightly coloured and consist of five different shades. This will ensure you are getting all the amazing antioxidants that help you stay healthy and free from disease. These brightly coloured foods contain phytochemicals which protect against cancer, heart disease and premature aging.

Not only does eating a rainbow offer such amazing health benefits, it also provides us with different textures and flavours which will make everything more satisfying.

Until next time, Nese x

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