“Pranayama is the bridge that leads into the deeper dimensions of Yoga. It is literally the ‘breath of life’ and forms the foundation upon which the ‘energy’ aspect of Yoga is built and developed.”

This course promises to offer an in depth, logical, structured and developmental approach to the practice of Pranayama from its very beginnings, founded in the Mahat Yoga Pranayama, up to, and including, its Classical expression as found in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

And the course delivers this and more, I embarked on the year long journey with Philip Xerri and a number of other yoga teachers furthering and deepening their knowledge and practice of breathing techniques…

This is a great course for self-development as well as for teachers of yoga. Philip teaches pranayama in a logical and structured way and each face-to-face day is packed with practical work, some theory and homework is given at the end of each day.

The homework is so valuable, in that students maintain their practice, but also embark on self-healing, and self-awareness.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the techniques with the specific asanas and movement sequences to develop the potential and flexibility of the breathing mechanism.
Pranayama is a powerful tool for health and self-healing. This course includes a wider and holistic development of the whole being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
On each day practices are learned and home practice is set. Guided home practice is at the heart of this course. And I am looking forward to the post-grad course… to find out more about Philip’s courses and his book head to:

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