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Self Worth & Self Esteem – Bridget Jones Finally Gets It.

SELF WORTH AND SELF ESTEEM – Bridget Jones finally gets it.

Are you settling for less than your worth ?
Do you think your self worth and self esteem could do with
an overhaul ? Think of Bridget Jones upgrading her self
worth as she breaks loose from her low life boss and semi,
demi, part time, user friendly lover- Daniel Cleaver. She
finally gets her fabulous and imperfect Mark Darcy because
she dares to believe she is worth it despite her cigarette
count and her drinking, her extra pounds of body flesh and
lousy public speaking skills ! He loves her just the way
she is – unconditionally, and ultimately she sides with
herself and loves herself in her own unconditional way-
enough to believe him. But first of all she has to say
“no” to the rubbish boyfriend Daniel whose treatment
mirrors her flagging self worth. The focus for Bridget’s
turnaround is on esteeming herself worthy and entitled to
a worthy man. But the focus can be about anything we want
in life because it is the unconditional part of self love
that is the key to our confidence as it counters our
judgements of unworthiness about of our human flaws. We
are always worthy of what we desire if self love is
unconditional. But if we don’t know this we can’t have or
keep what we don’t feel worthy of. We will sabotage
ourselves somehow- we will mess it up as Bridget does so
many times. For some, unconditional self love is not easy
or obvious because we are so conditioned by life to
criticise and limit ourselves and the effects of this go
so deep – almost cellular ! Just for fun – watch your
thinking for 5 minutes and see how you boss yourself
around and try to be perfect or obedient or spiritual or
good so that you can be worthy! Worthy to whom? A
tyrannical boss cat?

People are always being told they don’t love themselves
enough. They don’t – because they don’t know how to and
need to be shown. It takes a lot more than positive
thinking and affirmations and reading books like The Secret because these don’t work until you clear the compacted energy around ” not being good enough” which has a different significance for each of us individually.This belief that we are “not good enough” can also be very well masked. So in my Emotional Detox sessions and Energy Clearings – we unravel patterns of self sabotage and make unconditional self love a primary goal. See below for my contact details and you can also schedule a
free initial chat.

Self worth and self esteem can only be real and stable
with unshakeable knowledge of our personal identity. You
can’t esteem the worth of yourself if you have not
identified the core of who you are. You can see in your
life right now where you are feeling the effects of
compromises and even major life choices that you have made so
as to fit in and be approved of and esteemed by others
especially parents.

Somehow you have to squeeze yourself to fit into an
acceptable shape and perform just to have some peace and
quiet. Often the compromises feel easier than kicking
against the grain. The flip side is that we compromise so
that we don’t get punished or overlooked. But when we give
ourselves permission to be true to our real selves life
becomes so much richer- it feels more real and solid.

This “fitting in” really starts for all of us growing up –
we have to fit in with families or carers, to survive, and
many get abused along the way. We to some extent break
free when we leave home and forge our own livelihood. But
however we perceived we were valued in childhood,
determined how we started to value ourselves. And this
level of worth has a lot of sticking power. Most of us
hang on to it and don’t challenge how judgemental,
limiting or unfair it is. We might still have low
expectations of being treated fairly or respectfully – as
valuable, and we might treat ourselves, our health or
happiness as less than valuable.

My Emotional Detox sessions are a way of helping people
break the grip of old conditioning and claiming a higher
self worth and confidence to reach for more. – see

I believe our primal identity is essentially love and
freedom with an impulse for continuous expansion and
creativity. What’s not to love and esteem in that? Much of
the intense discomfort that you may feel and the conflict
in your personal and professional circumstances are the
call of your true nature trying to cut you some slack and
get your attention. It needs your attention to be able to
begin doing away with the pressure of approval seeking,
criticism, self limitation and limitation by others that
flies in the face of your essential worth.

Contrary to our expectations of rejection or loss or
problems from others, when we dare to value ourselves with
justice, compassion and respect- when we start do things
our way, stand up for our needs or speak up for what we
want- life will not automatically backfire on us. If it
does in some way – it is usually a temporary reaction or
it really is time to walk away from an unacceptable
situation. If we hold our ground then the love and freedom
that wishes to express itself through us will win out.
This is because love aligned with freedom is a much more
powerful force than suppression and control- it attracts
the means and momentum to carry us through. Others will
want to follow our example because we are all naturally
programmed for wholeness of freedom not suppression.

Away from the personal- and to the larger scale of the
principle -just look at the release of suppression in the
global arena- the Arab Spring, the escalating child abuse
cases finally weaving their way to the surface of
collective consciousness via the media. Look at all the
new visibility of misuse of power and resources in the
political and economic arenas and the climate reactions to
abuse and misuse. Love and freedom won’t stay suppressed
indefinitely on the individual or collective or planetary
level. Love and freedom have an innate momentum within
everything and everyone that seeks expression and release
not denial.

My joy is to help people find a way back to love and
freedom. It doesn’t need to happen all at once, we don’t
need overwhelm. We take gentle doable steps to lay solid
foundations to start with and lots of fun and laughter
along the way.

Please contact me for free initial chat and see
if I can help you get the ball rolling. Contact details
are at my site – see below. Please share this blog post

Love to you all.

Skype, phone and face to face

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