So What’s New? The Top 8 Listed Here…

You are now able to cancel your subscription at any time (this was an option in the past but it seems not many people knew they could do it themselves!).

Our subscriptions are now only for 12 months and are not recurring so you will get an email just before it expires so you can decide if you want to subscribe again or not.

We are going to be offering a printed version of our magazine once again in our next issue so you have the choice of either a digital or printed version.

We now have a regular feature in our magazine and soon to be on our website all about Holistic Therapy for Animals.

You can now have a sneak peak at our latest issue to help you decide if you want to purchase a subscription or any of our back issues.

We now have smaller advertising options available for smaller sized practices on our website, email marketing campaigns, our digital magazine and on our directory – contact us to find out more, we have options to suit every requirement and budget.

You can now also pay using ApplePay, GooglePay , PayPal or credit and debit card payments.

When you subscribe you get 24/7 access to our previous issues (not just the current one!).

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