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Sofri – Discover The Strength Of Colours For Body, Mind and Spirit!

SOFRI has discovered the beautifying, energising effects of colours on body, mind and spirit for holistic cosmetology, and building on from that has created a unique care system of 7 colours based on chakra teachings.

The Color Energy concept by SOFRI not only touches and beautifies your skin, but also the very core of you. Gentle nourishing compositions use colour energy against emotional stress, release blockages, increase energy levels and your zest for life.

Chakra teachings observe and understand the individual holistically – physiologically, psychologically and energetically. If there is disharmony in the chakras (energy centres along the centre axis of the body), this is usually evident in the skin. Here, colours are able to balance out these energy deficits in the chakras.

The products are combined with each other in a colour mosaic – to match your individual treatment requirements.

Colour energy is a measurable physical energy. Each of the 7 colours has its very own effect on the skin:


Further information and to buy these beautiful products go to the website www.sofri.com/en or click their facebook www.facebook.com/sofri.uk or twitter page www.twitter.com/sofri_uk                               

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