Super Scrummy Super Snacks

It is too easy to grab the wrong type of snack when you are fitting ‘eating’ around a busy schedule of clients, or if you are dashing from one appointment to the next, or if you have back-to-back meetings or events to attend… Chocolate and crisps are so convenient, but scream empty calories and low nutritional value…  What about a nice fresh piece of fruit? Fruit is amazing to include in our daily diets, for so many positive reasons, but on the go fruit can easily bruise, or get squashed, or can be messy to eat, and sometimes even the most exotic and freshest of fruit can be a little bland…

holistic therapist magazineAnd bland is something that Dilly and Wolf Super Snacks are definitely not! “We set out on our culinary journey searching for exciting flavour combinations that would work well with our naturally delicious and nutritious pulses to create a new breed of savoury Super Snacks. From street food vendors in Asia to spice markets in India and back to our own shores, our inspiration has come from near and far.

The flavours that HTM tried were the BRITISH FAVA BEANS, SEA SALT & CIDER VINEGAR, which satisfy the crunch we love, and use the classic salt and vinegar combination in a high quality way – and this high fibre-high protein snack is the perfect alternative to a bag of crisps.

The COCONUT & CHILLI ROASTED PEAS BEANS AND SEEDS, are a fusion of thai flavours with the British grown British-grown peas, fava beans and split yellow peas, mixed with sunflower and pumpkin seeds. This super snack livens up salads.

And finally, the SWEET & SALTY ROASTED PEAS, BEANS AND SEEDS; this flavour is just the perfect balance of sweetness and helped stop sugary cravings… the combination of textures and sizes of ingredients makes this snack interesting and exciting to eat, especially if added to frozen yogurt or even as a porridge topping.

These snacks are conveniently stored in plastic resealable tubs, and are perfect for sharing or for saving until later… although they are super moreish and really delicious. They are great as a stand-alone pick-me-up, but also are very versatile to add extra flavour and texture to dishes.


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