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Issues with Communication

This article has previously been published in a past print issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine, it is such valued advice, that we wish for our online readers to benefit from the expertise of the Managing Director of Balens Ltd, David Balen, who provides advice on overcoming issues with client relationships How you verbally communicate directly with your clients will have an impact upon the success or otherwise of your business.  Most therapists and Natural Health-Professionals tend to run small business [...]

back to school

Back to School

As a child the six weeks school holiday seemed to be a long time – trips away, fun at home, visits to see family, playing games; indoor and out, enjoying the sunshine, enjoying the rain… and then school starts again, back to the routine and the homework… but after those six weeks children seem ready for it… maybe they have a different relationship with time than adults do – because as an adult those six weeks whizz by, and [...]

summer skin

Two Essential Steps for Summer-friendly Skin

As I’m writing this on a sunny summer day, many of our clients are still heading for the “beach body”/beauty needs of spray tans, manicures, pedicures and waxing – but it’s easy to forget that this is also the time of year to take extra care of your skin for the duration of summer – especially your face! Exfoliation and rehydration are key in the summer. Keep pores unblocked from sun cream, sweat, tanning products and allergens such as pollen, dust [...]


FAQs when thinking of hiring an accountant…

Thinking about accounts can certainly be daunting, and the actual process of sorting out your papers, receipts, invoices and keeping your books is far from fun for the most of us.  A question many of us ask as we are tiptoeing gingerly into the world of self-employment is, is there any point in having an accountant? Even if you are competent with your numbers, if your business grows as no doubt you want it to, then you will have less [...]


Be Bold in Business

Most of us working in the holistic industry have similar mindsets – this obviously doesn’t mean we are all cloned, but that we enjoy the same kind of things, the same lifestyles, and have a warmth towards helping others. Whilst it is super important to be kind, and helpful, when it comes to business it is also vital to be bold: When it comes to setting your goals, set them high, and believe you can achieve them. Give yourself regular confidence [...]

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Branding More than Just your Business Card

When it comes to marketing, there are ways that you can get your brand name out there to potential and existing customers without spending a penny, but sometimes it is worth allocating a budget – even if it is a small one – to some marketing or promotional ideas… especially the good and effective ones. A great way to remind customers that you exist is by having branded merchandise. Remember don’t go crazy on branded stuff, but there are lots [...]