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Just Holistic

The Therapist:  Hannah Lewis B.Ost is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath, and the founder and director of Simply Osteo and owner of Just Holistic Therapy Rooms. The Story: This is my story on why I chose Osteopathy, setting up my own businesses, and my struggles and successes along the way…. All before the age of 26! The Dream: As a child, gymnastics was my passion, I represented the United Kingdom aged nine and trained almost daily around my school life. [...]


Calling all holistic professionals

What modalities do you specialise in? Do you have a story to share? Or perhaps a case study? Maybe some business or holistic advice? Health advice? Remember that this magazine is a platform for holistic professionals – sharing knowledge and as a result strengthening  the industry as a whole, and encouraging each and every one of your businesses to grow and thrive. So if you would like to get involved by sharing your relevant holistic story or journey on our website [...]

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Network it

Marketing consultant and founder of FindNetworkingEvents.com, Stuart Russell, shares the importance of networking as a marketing tool Running your own therapy business doing the thing you love can be a great way to way to earn a living, but as with any business it still requires promotion to ensure a steady stream of customers. Unfortunately, for many of you this can be seen as a chore and is often neglected. However, there is a way that marketing can be fun. Over [...]

thai massage

Where would you go to Thai Massage?

Liz Phelps trained in Cheltenham ‘Just go floppy for me Liz’ says my therapist, as I lie fully clothed on a futon on the floor – a little apprehensive as what’s about to happen to me. I’ve booked my first Thai massage. As the therapist started to work, a peace descended on me and as he gently moved round my body, rocking and stretching my limbs in a continual, fluid, almost dance-like way I was transported to another realm. Every [...]


When should you consider counselling?

National Counselling Society: There are some events that happen in peoples’ lives that may force them to consider getting some counselling. Of course, it is quite a personal thing and some individuals might prefer not to seek a counsellor. So, when should you think about getting some therapy? Emotional times Often, the times that people are most open to getting some counselling is when they have had a particular emotional upheaval. This can be anything from a relationship breaking down to grieving [...]

false memories

I think I’m sure it happened like this…

Can people really have false memories? Well, as therapists, some of you would have experience with working with the mind, and many ailments and dis-ease within the body and a part of lifestyles are a manifestation of how we think. When we talk about positive thought, and how such systems can turn our lives around for the better, even the holistic impact of yoga has been reported – more recently than ever – to have positive impacts on people’s [...]