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Review: @MHFAEngland Adult Course #MentalHealth

As people in the helping profession, it is highly likely that you have been faced with situations involving mental ill health… But if you were asked to define mental health, what would you reply? Many of us have heard or used the terms; stressed, OCD, Anxiety, schizophrenia for example, but do we really know enough about #MentalHealth? And more importantly, would we be able to recognise the symptoms of mental ill health and feel confident in managing such situations? Generally, people [...]

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Studying to become a Natural Foods Chef in New York City

Newly trained Natural Foods Chef Danielle Shine shares what it is like for an Aussie girl living in London to study in New York City… “I’m moving to New York to become a Natural Foods Chef at the Natural Gourmet Institute” Saying those words out loud for the very first time felt so good, but at the time I had no idea just how much it work it would take to make it all happen. Looking back on it now, I [...]

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A Course in Colour

College principal and lead colour therapy tutor, Debra Goldston explains the benefits of colour therapy In Colour Therapy, full spectrum colour is used to help re-balance and energise the body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Rather than offering one particular approach, colour therapists utilise a wide variety of different techniques and applications to restore balance, and therefore health and wellbeing. Some examples of techniques include: coloured cloths or silks to cover the body, crystals, colour energised oils or [...]

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Holistic Events in September

Here are some events and courses for you to attend during the month of September: September 5th: Spa Foot Therapy offers a full day’s training in the art of pedicure and foot therapy, the course includes:Relevant anatomy & physiology, Health and safety, contraindications and contra-actions, Referral to medical professionals, Equipment and products required, Suppliers list for salon essentials and all the hand and nailcare used on the course, Basic and deluxe pedicure procedure, A choice of finishing treatments – polish, buffing or special care, Mini Pamper Treatments – [...]


How hypnotherapy can help you and your clients

Chrysalis Courses provides information on Hypnotherapy and how this treatment can resolve the following problems: Hypnotherapy is a relatively new treatment which can ease a number of personal problems and addictions. Using hypnosis, patients can overcome a variety of psychological problems and it can often prove to be more efficient, inexpensive and healthier than other more traditional methods. Those who have undertaken hypnotherapy training are being approached by those with an increasingly wide range of issues in the hope that hypnosis [...]


IPEC – ‘The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching’

iPEC is a unique and dynamic professional coach training programme that engages its students in a transformation process right from the start. Graduates of iPEC the world over are combining their distinctive talents with the Core Energy Coaching™ process, to make a real and sustainable impact on the coaching industry, and on society as a whole. Built on 30 years of research; iPEC provides people with the most effective, professional and holistic training available, offering an all-inclusive education that trains, [...]