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New Editor Appointed At Holistic Therapist Magazine

WE WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE ALISON WHO IS THE NEW MANAGING EDITOR FOR HOLISTIC THERAPIST MAGAZINE. Alison comes to Holistic Therapist Magazine with a track record encompassing marketing, research, PR, business management and journalism. She is driven by curiosity, fascinated by the connectedness of all things and almost incapable of passing up the opportunity to explore something or somewhere new. Despite studying chemistry at college, her degree combines cognitive psychology and ancient Rome. She has tried everything from carriage driving to kendo and [...]

A wall I miss Her - Holistic Therapist magazine

New Editor

HTM would like to warmly welcome Amy Schofield as new appointed editor. Previous editor, Jordan Martin will not be missed! – As she is remaining with the team in her new role as Online Editor and PR Manager. Amy brings a wealth of experience, and her role was effective from October 2013, readers will have a chance to meet Amy via the magazine in January. The new editor will also be writing an introduction on the HTM blog, so keep [...]


The Summer Issue: Editor Letter

Do you already have your issue of HTM? You can subscribe online…   Dear Therapist, Woohoo! Jump for joy at the thought of this beautiful season… It’s summertime! I love the unpredictable nature of the British weather… the anticipation of sunshine is always accompanied by the same warmth in the smiles of people passing by. There is a unique vibrancy and soulfulness in the air and this positive energy is shared with the clouded skies of silver, because we all know that [...]


Editor’s Verdict: Issue 2’s Products

For the Professional Pix feature in Issue 2, the three judges got to try three more products of my choice, and the fun bit is that I get to try them too!  Here is what I thought about them… Thanks to contributors Karen Watkins, and Tracey Woodward, who are our permanent judges, and thank you to Louise Glover, who was our guest therapist judge for issue 2. See my verdicts below and my out-of-five star ratings: Manuka Honey Bar, Energy   3.5* [...]


Spring Chicken without Surgery

Trying to grow older gracefully in our world of knives and needles is a very difficult task indeed. I refuse to succumb to the barbaric nature of a nip here and a tuck there. Plastic surgery has a strong history, but nowadays the once-taboo subject is so accessible that with the motto ‘prevention is better than cure’ in mind, people as young as twenty are indulging in anti-aging solutions, not to mention the plethora of other treatments and procedures [...]


Foot Reading

Editor’s full Foot Reading  Baring My Sole (the full un-edited version) Hello there, I’m Jordan – the editor of Holistic Therapist Magazine.  In the very first issue of the mag, I expose my rather unattractive feet so they can be analysed by foot reading expert Jane Sheehan Here is the full reading, with my thoughts too… Jane Says:  Based on the width of the right foot being wider than the left, you are very hard working but not working as hard as you [...]